Sunday, August 17, 2008

The First Blog I Ever Read.

A remarkable blog,
a remarkable story,
a remarkable woman,
and most of all,
a remarkable God!

I heard about this blog on a website and began reading it back in March. If you'd like to read it, please visit
You'll meet Angie ~ she started writing this blog back in January 2008. It's about the life of her daughter Audrey Caroline and it's about her God. It's also about the death (too soon) of a child.

I've read it from the beginning (if you have time, you should too) and I have been moved to tears many times. Certainly by the words she shares, but even more by the fingerprints of God that appear so often in the words. The loss of a child ~ beyond comprehension ~ until it happens to you. The magnificence of God's grace ~ beyond comprehension ~ until it happens to you.
It happened to Angie and to so many others.

Safe in the Shepherd's Arms

drawing by Jean Keaton

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