Friday, August 29, 2014


Have a joy-filled weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Last week I visited Historic Downtown Lancaster, PA.  I visited a couple stores I'd been to before...including this one: Mommalicious.
I didn't take a lot of photos in this store...I was too busy looking around.

I love the walls in this place...plaster, peeling paint and all!

See that bit of red behind Tisha's hand....I bought one of those.

I do not understand the appeal of taxidermy...however, I had to take a photo of this piece.  
It made me think of my boss.  : ) 

Here's that little bit of red that I bought.  It's label said enamel soap dish.....but really
it's a chalk holder for our playroom!
Perfect, don't you think!?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ain't Life Grand!

I borrowed some photos from the Instagram feeds of Katie, Joe, and Johanna; and from Jacqi's Facebook page.  I love visiting's the best place to see some really adorable kids!
Lots of fun for the "littles" the past couple weeks!

Charlotte on her first day of 1st grade...showing off her toothy grin!

Caleb visited the State Fair on he is cruising in a banana!

Elijah went to the fair too!  Look at all the stuffed animals he won!

Lulu knows the importance of exercise....she loves her giraffe cycle!

Fletcher loved his beets, and Penelope loved playing at the tire park.
Yep...I guess they look like Brother and sister!
I am so grateful to have these sweet children in my life!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Am A Maker!

Sometimes I like to just sit and look around at all the treasures and (potential) supplies I've gathered in my craft room. There's always so much to see!

Now, I need to stop all the looking and get back to making!!
By the way...I like the idea of making things (instead of crafting things).
For me, the word maker encompasses so much more of my life. 
I make stuff, I make my house a home, I make merry, I try to make my family happy,
sometimes I even make dinner!
I Am A Maker!
Maker is such a wonderful word, it can include so many things. Just think of the conversations that could take place when someone asks just four little words.
What do you make?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bill's Christmas Gift...The Hawthorne House

Bill doesn't read my blog, so I think it's safe to share my plans for his Christmas gift.  Is it only me...or are gifts for men really hard to buy?  Bill is especially hard to buy for...he doesn't really want a lot of stuff (he thinks I collect enough stuff for the both of us!), and he really doesn't have any hobbies.  He loves to read...but I don't love to only buy books for him!

Wouldn't you know it....that it wold be "the land of blog" that came to the rescue! For several years I have followed a blog called With Pencil and's written by an artist...Katherine Thomas.  I love her amazes me. The things she can do with colored pencils absolutely amaze me! Her pen and ink drawings are stunning. I just really love all her work!!

A couple years ago Katherine started selling pen and ink drawings, on old envelopes, in her Etsy shop called PostMarkArt.  Last year, on a trip to Michigan, I took a photo of one of Bill's boyhood homes..."The Hawthorne House".  Shortly afterwards I was reading Katherine's blog and it occurred to me that she might be able to use my (not very good phone photo) to create a PostMarkArt piece for Bill. I sent her the photo and she said it would work as a reference photo! She said she could start it this Fall...perfect timing for a Christmas gift!!

Earlier this year we made another trip to Michigan and I was able to get a couple more photos of the "Hawthorne House".  Not an easy feat since no one we visit leaves anywhere near this place. Luckily Bill was in a reminiscing mood and didn't mind taking a drive. Mandy was traveling with us and she had never seen the house, so there was my excuse to visit it again. 

Just this past week, Katherine sent me some photos of envelopes she had available...they were all very nice, but I kind of had my heart set on something more personal. I dug around in some of that "stuff" I tend to save and found Bill's old stamp collection. I found a "first day cover" that I'm hoping Katherine will be able to use for the drawing of the "Hawthorne House".

I like that Bill's name is on this envelope. It's addressed to his second childhood home. This photo is of "The Hawthorne House"  was his first childhood home.  I think everything will tie together nicely!  I also think he'll really like this gift!

Here's a look at some of the PostMArkArt Katherine has done...I made a collage of four of her custom home portraits...I know "The Hawthorne House" will be equally wonderful! 
I've got my eye on the American Flag on the School Desk piece!

Katherine Thomas...links to her work and information about commissioning it. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Good Stuff!

You can always find good stuff on Pinterest!

Have a joy-filled weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Before and During

Katie and her family have been staying with us while their only full bathroom has been undergoing a transformation.  Having 2 more adults and two small children in the house all the time has been fun...mostly!  :)  No where is the addition of them more evident (to me) than the kitchen and dining room.  The first photo was taken the day before they arrived.  The second one was taken Monday night.  This is after we cleaned up from dinner.

August 4, 2014

August 18, 2014
Yes, that is a bottle of wine in the above photo...see it there on the right?  It's still unopened...I'm saving it for the day they're able to move back to their own home.  I want to celebrate the quietness that follows their departure the completion of their bathroom!
You can see s little bit of the transformation if you visit Katie's Instagram....the link is in the sidebar.

Really it hasn't been bad at fact Bill and I both commented about how we'll miss them. We'll just have to adjust to regular visits again. (and the clean counter) 

Oh, and speaking of Instagram....take a peek at my page.  Click on the photo of the white box that has arms and legs (it's actually a video). You'll get a ten second sample of some of the entertainment we got to enjoy the past two weeks!!