Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Penelope is Six

Almost didn't get this posted today!
TODAY...MARCH 25th...
someone special is having a birthday!!

Sweet Penelope is SIX YEARS OLD!
She's a sweet as the day she was born!

Some of the family met at Chevy's (her choice for a birthday dinner) and then we got together at Gramma's and Grandpa's house for presents and ice cream.

We continued the FIESTA theme that began at Chevy's!

Her gift from Aunt Mandy brought the biggest smiles!
Lego Duplo Ice Cream!  She loved it!

We love Penelope...and we hope your day was extra-special in evry way!! Yay for SIX! Yay for Penelope!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The littlest "Littles"

Caleb ~ Lulu ~ Fletcher
Three...three years old and younger.
At least for a few more months.

They're so focused...intent on whatever it is they're doing.
Sometimes they hold still.
Sometimes they look at me.
Sometimes they smile.
Every now and then they do all three.

Hold still.
Look at Gramma.

Thanks Fletcher!

Such sweeties!
Each one!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Yardsticks and Rulers

I have a pretty nice collection of yardsticks and rulers!  This photo shows many of them.
 The aqua yardstick is one of my favorites. It's a great color!

Pinterest has a pretty nice assortment of ideas for using them! 
 Using them on stair risers is my favorite...but I'm pretty sure it won't be Bill's favorite.

Covering a tabletop with some, or using them to make a hook board are
 pretty fabulous ideas too!



Look what you can do with just one yardstick! Love this tree!!
I think it would look great on my front door next Christmas.


Key chains are a perfect way to use up some of the scraps, and even a little inch can
 become a fun magnet!  So many little time. 
But I really hope to make one or two of these ideas happen soon!



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

See the Duck?

 These photos were taken on February 17th.
I was kind of hoping this would be our last significant snowy weather for this year.  But, we've had more snow, and an ice storm since these were taken.  Plus there's more wintery weather coming tonight and tomorrow. 

I took these photos without setting foot outside!
The first one is through a window and a the sky in this shot. 

The next seven photos are taken from an upstairs bedroom.  
No screen...and the window was pretty clean!

The ice covered pool...the steps down to the deck...and snow covered rocks 
holding the pool cover in place!

The pool photos were taken in the morning.  
Later in the day the snow started falling. 
Big Fat Flakes!

Can't believe we left all that patio furniture sitting out!
I have a feeling that the snow and cold have not been nice to those chairs.


Here's the other side of our yard.  Picnic table ready and waiting!
Still snowing!!

Now a peek out of the opened patio door. Love my newish pergola!

"Take Time to Pray!"
(for the snow to stop....)

This is a look out of the opened laundry room door.  This level of the house is half below grade...hence the (snow covered) steps up.  This area, including the pathway to the back gate, is the very last place to see a shovel when it snows.  Actually it seldom sees a shovel...we just let nature take care of the snow back here.

See the duck?
It reminds me of  a little word game a friend shared with 
me twenty five plus years ago. 

First comment that translates the word game down below wins a prize!  I don't know what prize....but I'll come up with something good!!

O S A R 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Thrift Store Fun

I had another fun trip to the thrift store this week. 
I found a little bit of springtime & some long, lost relatives...among other things!!

We have a lot of mugs.  I would guess that 85% of them are from Disney World. That's certainly not a bad thing...but when I spotted these two mugs I decided they were too "springy" to pass up!

The same goes for these three pedestal compotes.  They're so bright and cheery.
Wouldn't they look cute with some little succulents planted inside!

The flashcards and playing cards will be added to my paper stash. Playing cards can be re-purposed in so many ways!  I'm thinking about turning them into price tags.

One of my favorite finds was this candle. The company is called Rewined.  The smell is amazing!  The candle is made using a re-purposed wine bottle...and it's never been burned!!  
They retail for about $28.00...I paid $5.00!! 

I'm a sucker for old photos at the thrift store.  It makes me sad to see them there..separated from their family.  As long as they're not too expensive they come home with me. 
They might be my long-lost relatives!

Such a cute pair of brothers!  I just couldn't leave them behind.
I wonder what their names were....maybe James, on the left,
and Edward, on the right?? 

Well, whoever they are, they're hanging in my workroom now. Framed and all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Free Stuff

Spring is coming....really!
It's on March 20th.
All this snow and frigid temperatures make me wonder, but  Spring comes every year!!
I downloaded a few free posters to print out in anticipation of sunshine,
warmer weather....and Easter too!
Follow the source links so you can download them too!





Have a Happy Tuesday!!