Monday, July 27, 2015


I'm not sure where I'll be selling my creations this year...hopefully a craft show or two...maybe even an Etsy shop!  But wherever I end up trying to sell, I want to have a huge selection of things to choose from. So I am determined that I will be making things at least a couple times a week.  
I'm planning to be very busy!
These are some scraps from some old feed sacks.  
I used them to "wrap" the wooden embroidery hoops for my new project.

These are some old pillowcases and table linens.  They're all a bit discolored and they have holes on them here and there.  Perfect for cutting up and popping into some hoops.

But first I wrapped the hoops with strips of fabric torn from the old feed sacks 
(and other fabric scraps).  I just love the look!!

The colors of the feed sack look so good with this bird stitchery.  It's one of my favorites.  One of my daughters-in-law likes the owls trimmed with red and white checks.  I think I'll be adding that to my gift cupboard!

I got eleven of them done...and I have 4-6 more to go. These are FUN to make!  Including picking out scrapbook paper and wrapping paper for the back side of each one. 
Making stuff with other stuff is one of my very favorite things to do!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015


We're going to a party...because 
somebody has a birthday today!!
This little guy!  Sweet Caleb!
He's FOUR!


Hope you have the best day ever!
Love you bunches Caleb!!!

I can hardly wait to hug this sweet boy!
Just look at this face!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


My craft room is in my basement.  I have a window in my craft room...and a window well.  Over the years we've rescued a variety of critters from the window well...including a cute baby bunny!  The window well is about five feet deep, so most of the rescuing takes place from the inside. But before that can happen, I have to clear off the window ledge.  Below is a peek at just part of what's piled on that window ledge!

I don't know what critter made the hole in the window screen, but I do know that a relative of the one peeking in through the hole has been living between said screen and the window.  It's been making a lot of noise trying to get back to the other side of the screen. 
This has been going on for a couple weeks!  
So I finally cleared off the ledge and invited Bill down to my craft room for a visit.  I am not a fan of critters...unless we're separated by glass. Since that window was going to have to be opened (there goes that separation), it was obviously time to call for assistance! 

Bill wasn't immediately available so I amused myself by taking photos of our window well guests.  Besides the one stuck on the other side of the screen, I also found these two.

Then I saw this big guy peeking out from under the leaves.

This little guy was the one that had been peeking in through the hole in 
the that brings us to four guests.

But then an even littler one jumped along side the peeker, and then there were five!  Four of them are pictured down below. The big guy is still hiding under the leaves.

Oh wait...he's getting brave.  He's venturing out...

I thought that there were only toads living down here...but I'm pretty sure this one is a frog.  Right after I noticed the frog Bill came down and cleaned all the old leaves and plants out of the window well. He relocated all the critters to greener pastures up above.  Or so we thought.

Looks like he missed one!
Upon further inspection, he actually missed three...or these guys are jumping back into the window well!I think it might be time to create some kind of window well cover!

Friday, July 17, 2015


Look what happens when you have a smudge on your camera lens!  
You get a big smudge on what could have been  a REALLY cute photo!!  
Actually you get smudges on a lot of cute photos! 

Where did Charlotte go?!
She got smudged!

Sure hope you have a smudge free weekend!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Day With Friends

It's always a treat to spend a day with friends...and that's just what I got to do a couple weeks ago. Patricia and I headed up to Pennsylvania to spend the day with Tisha.  They took me out to lunch for my birthday.  We did a little shopping as well...stopping at a few antique shops and also Brown's Orchards and Farm Market.  The weather was amazing...and the fellowship with my dear friends was as wonderful as always!!  Plus I got some presents too!

I just had to take a picture of this "bossy" sign that we saw on the way to Pennsylvania.

One of the cute little shops we visited.

I love this pretty scene...there's something about red and green. It's my favorite two color combo!

My friends....Patricia and Tisha.

This photo (all were taken with my phone) doesn't do this scene justice. 

Tisha and Patricia were very intrigued by the Honey Bees at Brown's.

I was happy to stand back and just snap a few photos.

Patricia has started her own bee hive at her home. She's hoping for honey next year.

Isn't this a sweet little statue?!

Brown's had some beautiful window boxes on display.  This one was my favorite.

But this one....

...and this one were very pretty too!
It was a really, really nice day! 
Here's one of presents...this braided mat is from Tisha. I love the colors!
She also got me a really wonderful red, metal box, and some other little treasures!

Patricia gave me presents too...including this awesome old typewriter!
Such a fuzzy phone photo!  

Spending time with these two women is one of my very favorite things to do!!  
(I'd say that even if no presents were involved!!)