Monday, August 24, 2015

Michigan Part Two

Our recent trip to Michigan began at about 2:00 AM Thursday morning.  It was easier traveling through the night so this little one and her big sister could just sleep.  Plus it meant a stop at Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast!  She was more excited than she looks!!

We munched on snacks from home during our travel time, so we didn't have to stop for any other meals...we just headed for my Mom's house.  We all knew what we'd be doing for dinner.  Buddy's Pizza was definitely on the menu.  I grew up in Detroit, and going to Buddy's was kind of a regular least I remember it that way.  Square pizza...the best ever! Bocci ball. Chubby Checker's "The Twist" on the jukebox.  A Boomba Glass full of beer for my Dad.  That's what I, my sister (about Lulu's age at the time) dancing to "The Twist" on top of the table.  Wonderful memories!
Anyway...that's where we had dinner. Not the one in Detroit.  We ate at the new one about a mile from my Mom's home. How convenient!  It was so good! 

Pizza Pie (as Lulu called it) and Antipasto Salad. The only bad belly got full before my mouth wanted it too!  Charlotte enjoyed her meal too...Buddy's got a "thumbs up" from her!

Later that evening we stopped for frozen custard at Erma's.  
It's definitely a popular spot!


It's important to make sure your hotel provides an adequate breakfast for you...thank you Hyatt Place for doing just that!  Here's a look at what Mark brought back for his family's breakfast Friday morning.  Katie, Charlotte, Lulu, and Mark were adequately fueled for the day!  
I also had one of the egg was pretty tasty!

Next stop! Lunch!  National Coney Island...this is a must when we visit Michigan.  
We love these so much!!  
In fact my Mom has given Coney Island Hot Dogs to us for can read about it HERE.

Apple juice for Lulu and Vernors Ginger Ale for the rest of us. 
Coney Dogs, Hani's, Coney Tacos, Fries, Cheese Fries....yes to all!
Happy, Happy, Happy...that's what we were! 

Charlotte and Lulu each got ice cream, and the five grown-ups shared 
one Hot Fudge Cream Puff...oh my!

We did some shopping after this stop...including a trip to Meijer's to pick up some munchies for later in the evening...we definitely weren't going to need a full meal after all this.  What we did need though, was to stop at Sonic for some Limeades on the way back to my Mom's.  We have a Sonic relatively nearby here at home.  But this Sonic was in the same parking lot as Meijer's.
So really, we had to stop! 

On Saturday we headed to my brother's and sister-in-law's home for lunch/dinner...linner if you will!  (Breakfast at the hotel first of course!)  We had some great food...many hands prepared it.  
We were grateful for that (thanks for grilling Jason!), and we were especially grateful 
for all the fun fellowship with our family!

Ribs and Chicken and Stuffed Cabbage and Potato Salad and Noodles and Fruit and so on and so on.  Plus desserts...I didn't get photos of those!  It was a fun filled, food filled, awesome time! 

Sunday morning we took advantage of our complimentary breakfast one more time, and then we began the trip home.  We munched on snacks while we traveled, but only stopped for a meal a Rest Stop in Pennsylvania.  We had Popeye's and Burger King.  (and played some Rock, Paper, Scissors too!)
And that was the end of the Food trip.

Well...except for the quick stop...about 40 minutes from home...for ice cream!  
That Charlotte sure likes her ice cream!

Stay tuned for Part Three....there was a 
Treasure Hunt!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Michigan Part One

We took a road trip to Michigan last week.  The main event...a visit to see my mom.  But there were other perks involved as well.  We got to do some out of the ordinary (for us) shopping and eating.  Made a few visits to some thrift shops and I found a few treasures. 

The thermos is going to be a vase, the ink jar will hold some pens, and the old rosary will become a necklace.  The coffee mug...well, it's going to remain a very cute coffee mug that cost me a whopping 25 cents!  Total for all four items was only $6.54!!

We also stopped in at The Christmas Tree Shop and Meijer.  We don't have either of these stores near-by (although I did just learn that The Christmas Tree Shop is only 45 minutes away), and it's always fun to stop in.  I managed to find one treasure at each stop.  

Back in January (I think) I shared a photo of some vintage Christmas decorations on Instagram.  My cousin contacted me after seeing the picture and said she had some treasures for me...if I wanted them.  Did I ever want them!  She lives in this was my first chance to see these treasures.  Aren't they awesome!!  A Santa, a Snowman, and two soldiers!!  I love them!  They might stay right there in my living room until Christmas!  Thank you Tina!!

 Of course, the high point of our trip was seeing my Mom. The frosting on the cake was being able to see all my siblings as well!  Here we are...left to right...Steve, Emily, me, and the mama sitting up front, looking pleased as punch!

I mentioned that we did some "eating" as well.  
Did we ever!  Part Two coming soon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mandy's Birthday

Today is Mandy's birthday.
My baby is 32 years old...which isn't very old.
But when I consider she's my youngest...I feel really old!

These are some photos we took last April...before Kevin and his family moved to Texas.  We decided we wanted a picture of Aunt Mandy with all the "Littles" sitting on the ground.  Of course we decided this after an hour plus of other picture taking.  Some of the "Littles" were about done!  Some of them (along with Aunt Mandy) were just plain goofy!

We managed to get one fairly calm photo though.

We also got this one earlier in the photo shoot.  It's one of my favorites!  
Thanks to Jacqi for taking these!!

This next photo I took.  It was a party just waiting to happen.  
Happy Birthday Mandy!
We love you a bunch...and hope you have a great day!! 

Tonight she'll be celebrating her birthday by going to a concert at 
Four different acts...the main attraction being
NeedToBreathe...her favorite band!  
She's going with friends...and she's taking Charlotte with her!  
Praying for good times for all...and good weather too! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sunbeams and a Smoker

Bill was out grilling the other day.  It was really warm and the Sun was directly overhead.  I noticed, through a window, how the sunbeams were shooting straight down on Bill and his smoker grill.
It was obviously pretty warm out there.
Sunbeams shooting down...Smoke billowing up.
Sunbeams and Smoke...putting on quite a show for us!
Thanks for orchestrating it for us Bill!


Monday, July 27, 2015


I'm not sure where I'll be selling my creations this year...hopefully a craft show or two...maybe even an Etsy shop!  But wherever I end up trying to sell, I want to have a huge selection of things to choose from. So I am determined that I will be making things at least a couple times a week.  
I'm planning to be very busy!
These are some scraps from some old feed sacks.  
I used them to "wrap" the wooden embroidery hoops for my new project.

These are some old pillowcases and table linens.  They're all a bit discolored and they have holes on them here and there.  Perfect for cutting up and popping into some hoops.

But first I wrapped the hoops with strips of fabric torn from the old feed sacks 
(and other fabric scraps).  I just love the look!!

The colors of the feed sack look so good with this bird stitchery.  It's one of my favorites.  One of my daughters-in-law likes the owls trimmed with red and white checks.  I think I'll be adding that to my gift cupboard!

I got eleven of them done...and I have 4-6 more to go. These are FUN to make!  Including picking out scrapbook paper and wrapping paper for the back side of each one. 
Making stuff with other stuff is one of my very favorite things to do!!