Thursday, August 21, 2014

Good Stuff!

You can always find good stuff on Pinterest!

Have a joy-filled weekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Before and During

Katie and her family have been staying with us while their only full bathroom has been undergoing a transformation.  Having 2 more adults and two small children in the house all the time has been fun...mostly!  :)  No where is the addition of them more evident (to me) than the kitchen and dining room.  The first photo was taken the day before they arrived.  The second one was taken Monday night.  This is after we cleaned up from dinner.

August 4, 2014

August 18, 2014
Yes, that is a bottle of wine in the above photo...see it there on the right?  It's still unopened...I'm saving it for the day they're able to move back to their own home.  I want to celebrate the quietness that follows their departure the completion of their bathroom!
You can see s little bit of the transformation if you visit Katie's Instagram....the link is in the sidebar.

Really it hasn't been bad at fact Bill and I both commented about how we'll miss them. We'll just have to adjust to regular visits again. (and the clean counter) 

Oh, and speaking of Instagram....take a peek at my page.  Click on the photo of the white box that has arms and legs (it's actually a video). You'll get a ten second sample of some of the entertainment we got to enjoy the past two weeks!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Painted, Packaged & Priced

Craft Show time will be here before I know I've been trying to get a little bit done each week.  But with the craziness that it is life these days, I haven't spent a lot of time in my craft room.  I did  manage to finish this very simple project. Sadly, it took almost three weeks to do it!  But I'm happy with the results!

I've picked up lots of little bowls at thrift stores...painting them all fun colors seemed like a good idea, as I shared in this post.  Getting the final coats of paint on all these bowls seemed to take forever.  But they are finally done!

They make fun little sets...don't you think!!?
I'm on a roll.....I hope!

P.S. Since I had the paint out, I spruced up an old bread board too!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Swap For All Seasons

Life, the past month or so, has not been blog writing and reading friendly.  I have a little time here and there, but I haven't really been able to get back into a regular schedule.  Hope that changes because I miss visiting my blogging friends!
For the eleventh month in a row, I'm participating in A Swap For All Seasons...hosted by the wonderfully creative Linda!  She comes up with great ideas every month!  The theme for the August 1st mailing date was "Just My Style"...and I loved it!  Here's a look at the card and tag I created for Elizabeth...and the "destash" I sent to her. 

As I mentioned, the theme was "Just My Style'.  I'm not sure I have a specific style.  I like colorful, retro, patriotic, lace and roses, vintage....pretty much you name it!  For "my style this month" I chose a neutral bird theme....and I'm really happy with how it all turned out.

The tag is one of my favorite ones that I've ever made. I love thatit has a lot going on...including one of the wire nests that I love to make!  Keeping with the neutral theme...I packaged the destash in a tiny, brown, paper bag.

Pam sent me this sweet card and tag.  She told me she chose a little boy and girl in honor of my grnadchildren (who appear frequently on my blog!). I though that was so thoughtful of her!!

Pam sent me quite the assortment of destash too!  I especially love the lily of the valleys postcard...the wooden spools...the yoyos...the milk cap...pretty much all of it!!
I just had to take a photo of the envelope she mailed my goodies in.  Aren't these stamps wonderful!  I'll be saving these for sure!

The theme for the final month in this series of swaps is Halloween...with a bit of orange destash...definitely another fun theme!!  I'd expect no less from Linda!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Party Time!

Earlier this month we celebrated Caleb's you can't guess how old he is!  Those balloons stayed on the window for about three minutes!!
The party was at our house...we had a house full of littles!! Eleven to be exact. So many cute faces.  It was hard catching some of them "not in motion" least until the food was served!

Caleb and Charlotte sharing a seat at the picnic table I recently "picked" from a neighbor's trash!!

Mr. Elijah's new haircut has aged him...he looks at least 7 in this photo!!

Fletcher is reading some real estate literature.

Lulu was watching everything going on around her...all
the while hanging onto those balloon strings!

Penelope's expression seems to say, "Gramma, you sure do take a lot of pictures"!

Here are some extra littles...Caleb's party guests!
Fun times...memories made...and a happy birthday boy!
Mission accomplished!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Birthday to Amanda!!

Amanda and I both had the day off from work today. So, of course, we went shopping! (and I took her out for a birthday lunch) Our first stop was Sweet Elizabeth Jane In Ellicott City. We love this store. Mandy picked out four books that were on super clearance....a happy birthday gift from Bill and I to her.  Then we stopped at a large antique store. She saw a lot of Pyrex (which she loves), but nothing that she wanted to take home with her.  We did find a great deal on a Fisher Price house for Katie....well, actually for Lulu!

Lunch was at a little restaurant called Bon Fresco...the birthday girl's choice. Really yummy sandwiches, and the best potato salad ever!! 

We made three more stops after lunch...Marshals, Homegoods, and a thrift store.  We left each one empty handed!  That just means we have money left for our trip to Bruesters for ice cream tonight!  I did try to talk her into this FABULOUS mirrored bull at Homegoods.........

Happy Birthday Mandy!
I love you a bunch!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Swap For All Seasons

I've been participating in A Swap For All Seasons, monthly, since last October.  Each month has been great fun!!  Our swap hostess, LInda, is amazing. She come up with an awesome idea every month. Last night I signed up for the final swap in the current series.  Each month we send someone a themed card and tag, and a bit of colorful "destash" (otherwise known as creative stuff you want to share with someone else!)
The final theme is Halloween...and the "destash" needs to be a little bit of orange!
Today I'm sharing what I sent and what I received for the July Swap.  The theme was "Share a Smile" and the color was purple.

Here's the card I sent to Deb at The Garage Sale Gal. 
I love the sweet little girl in this image...she knows "Smiles are Best"!

This is the tag I sent to Deb....this little lady is laughing! But maybe just on the inside! 
Don't you love her hat!

The idea is to send just a little bit of some purple supplies that you don't need anymore and
want to share.  Here's the "destash" I shared with Deb.   

Now for a look at what I received from Susie at South City Hues
I love this "sweet and spicy" card...the girl with the curls just makes me happy!

Now take a look at this tag....look at that cute face! 
When I first saw this tag, I thought, "what a minute. I KNOW that face!"
That's my grandbaby Lulu!
THIS is where Susie found that photo.  I love how she made this so personal for me!!

Then she also sent along this fun batch of "destash"!
LOVE the paint chips!
Later this week I'll share what was sent and received for the August 1st swap date.  Then I'll need to get to work on my Halloween swap card and tag. It's amazing that almost a whole year has gone by since beginning this! A huge thank you to Linda...this has been such fun!!