Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Shoes & Boxes

I have an opportunity to put some things in another Christmas home show this weekend ~ I had some items left over from the last one, so I thought why not! But there wasn't a lot left so I made about a half dozen new pieces to send along. I decided to try making some baby shoe pincushions. I've seen them on several blogs and I think they look so sweet. When I had my gift shop I used to make sugar bowls & creamers into pincushions and I loved making them. These are even better ~ because they're BABY shoes ~ and I love babies! I made three of them. I think they turned out pretty good. I do have a favorite. The one that says "bless" on it.

It was the best color of the three, probably the softest shoe, and definitely the oldest one.

I love the bottom of the shoe ~ it says "Pit-a-Pats". How sweet is that!

I also packaged up the first and second place prizes for my recent giveaway, tucked in a note and will mail the goodies off to their new homes tomorrow. I'm still waiting for one address and then I'll get the other mailed off.
Prize package #3 was also mailed on Wednesday!

I love sending presents!


our shabby cottage said...

Oh, they look so cute Marie! Well done, Kathryn. XX

Carol said...

Your pin cushions are so sweet! I'm excited to see some of my address on that box, I can't wait!

Shelley said...

What a wonderful job you did on those little shoes. Baby shoes are one of my favorite things. I have a basket of them. I always put the old high top walkers on my children when they were small. You never see babies wearing them these days! Guess that's why we are making pin cushions out of them(smile).


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

The shoes turned out so pretty ~ what a clever idea! Now I'll have to dig in my boys baby boxes to see if I kept any little shoes. What lovely memory pieces those would make!