Saturday, May 1, 2010


I do believe that this may be just the incentive I need to get it done ~ the painting & organizing & re-decorating of my workroom that is!

Karen at My Desert Cottage is having a Party! It's the second annual party and it's bigger and better than the first. I didn't personally paticipate in the first one ~ but I visited the blogs of a lot of women who did. It was amazing ~ the places women create in are as diverse as the women creating. Massive studios to tiny tables ~ shelves and shelves of wonderfully tempting supplies to rubber bins holding secret treasures. I'm really looking forward to visiting all these "creating spaces" again and this time I hope to share mine too!
Visit Karen and read all about ~ it's going to be fun!


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Hi Marie ~ the nap was Wonderful & there is actually a White cloud in the sky at this moment & the rain has stopped..... I will have to hop on over to Karens & see about this Studio Party ~ just the Incentive I Need Too! I have been catching up on your older posts, have to go get the Victoria, love the part You showed & Blue Is My Favorite Color.... Last but not least, I Love Vernors too, but I live here in Michigan, actually Dearborn so not far from the original Vernors, When I think of Ginger Ale, I Mean Vernors, nothing better with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream ~ Maybe I will have to out & pick up the Victoria, some Vanilla & Vernors.... How better could a day with a Nap Be~
Have a Wonderful Weekend

Jacqueline said...

Oh happy day when I come to visit Marie. I'm happy that you are coming along and being a Groovy Girl with me. You decide, hot pants or bell bottoms...or maybe a flannel granny nightgown...up to you!

By the way, I love Victoria magazine too and I'm happy it's being published again. Now, if we can only get the Mary Engelbreit Home Companion back!

I'm remembering this give away about where women create, was when I was first starting to blog about a year ago. Amazing how life goes on, so quickly.

Happy weekend...till we meet again!

Ann said...

Oh that sounds like fun but then I might find it a bit embarrassing to show my messy space. Maybe I should do some cleaning and then go check out that

The Feathered Nest said...

You will be wonderful Marie!!!! You go girl!!!! I can't wait to see where you create...hugs and love, Dawn