Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Men

I stuck with soft or plastic for almost all my Christmas decor ~ it just seemed safer for everyone (including the 2 1/2 year old).  So my bookcase display was "stuffed" full of snowmen who were stuffed full of stuff!  I love snowmen for decorating at Christmas time. I like to think of them as winter decor ~ that way I can procrastinate about putting away the "Christmas decorations". I was going to hang a wreath behind these snow men but I decided to simply fill the frame with pretty paper!

This little golden guy is one of my favorite snow men. I just love his sparkly scarf and happy smile.
This one is Charlotte's favorite snow man ~ it's FULL of chocolate kisses.  I love when she asks for one.  "Gwa-maw, chock-it pwease."

When in doubt ~ look up!
Doesn't it seem like it was only yesterday when there were 12 days until Christmas ~ and now it's all done!
Happy December to all!!


Sarah said...

Very fun Christmas decor! I received your #23 matchbox, thank you, I love it! :-)

Dorthe said...

Sweet Marie,
I love your cute snowmen,
and yes ,how can it already be gone,I feel I haven`t realy experiensed it!!!!!

Debbie said...

I love snowmen! Its nice too that you can always keep them up a little longer cause they aren't just for Christmas decor.


Shelley said...

Love your display of snowmen...they are some real cuties there....blessings

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Marie,
You have some of the cutest snowmen here. I especially like the little one holding the candy cane. Yes, snowmen are great for all winter. I can leave mine up until Spring Break in March.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie

Ann said...

I just love snowmen and I'm like you, I procrastinate ab-out putting them away with the rest of the Christmas decorations. Snowman are good until spring though :)
"Gwa-maw, chock-it pwease." that is just too cute, it made me smile

Silvia said...

What fun decorations those Snowmen make. So many smiles alround:)

Patchworked said...

My Favourite, snowmen. I've just wrote about mine on my blog and then find yours when I clicked the next blog button.