Monday, March 19, 2012

The Garlic Gnome

Do you have any possessions that you know exactly where they'll end up when you no longer have a need for them?  I do....several actually.  There are certain funny, little things that have mattered to some of my children and I know just who will want these things someday.

Take for instance The Garlic Gnome.  Someday the Garlic Gnome will belong to my daughter Mandy.  Because she likes to cook and she loves garlic!  By the way, if the Garlic Gnome looks familiar to you it's because I introduced you to her here.    There's another reason why I know that this little gnome will someday live with her.  Mandy moved into her own place earlier this year and she loves it. But she shared with me about missing someone since she's moved out.  Yep, she misses the gnome!  So, of course, someday the Garlic Gnome will be moving to a new home.

I don't blame Mandy for missing her.  She's great at guarding garlic...even if there's only a little bit of garlic to guard!!  Have a happy Monday!


Shelley said...

I happen to know someone else who would just love that little garlic gnome...Our friend Jackie from once upon a fairyland...she is a lover of all gnomes..big and small :)
Blessings sweet your email...thanks so much.

Betsy said...

What a sweet little gnome, I've never seen anything like her before. Thanks for sharing her:-)

Ann said...

she's very cute and I've never seen anything like her.
I have a set of dishes that have been handed down through several generations to the oldest daughter. Those will go to my daughter some day

Chatty Crone said...

Blog hopping from Ann's blog - your little gnomes are sweet. sandie