Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spun By Me

This was originally posted on 10/20/2009.
I don't spin yarn ~ that's not why my blog is called "spun by me".
To "spin a yarn" is to tell a tale. It's the act of giving an account describing incidents or a course of's keeping a blog!
So I don't spin yarn but I do spin a yarn or two......
In the past women used to spin yarn on spinning wheels, frequently gathering in groups while doing this. To pass the time, they often told each other stories. In time the words came to mean the production of the stories themselves rather than the actual work they were doing. Hence, while spinning yarn they spun some yarns too.
Anyway I thought I would like to put a spinning wheel on my blog. Maybe in the header ~ maybe in a sidebar ~ maybe wherever!
I "googled" spinning wheel and came up with several. So far this one is my favorite!
Kinda looks like she's wearing a spindle on her head!

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Ann said...

oh my, what is that thing she's wearing on her