Monday, June 30, 2014

Gotta Love Free!

Every Thursday is 25% off day at my favorite thrift I made a quick trip there last Thursday.  I found several things I liked...and the prices, even before the 25% off were really good.

Then I went to check out and the prices got even better!  There was some kind of class action lawsuit that resulted in a settlement voucher worth up to $10.00 for customers. So my purchase (after the discount and the voucher) ended up being FREE!  Lucky me!

Wanna see what I 'bought'?

I found this Corelle 'gold butterfly' margarine dish (minus the lid).  Mandy's dishes are this pattern...I thought she'd like to put a little succulent in it. While looking for this on the internet, I found an advertisement starring this margarine dish.

I love the look of vintage alarm clocks used in decorating. I think they'll be perfect on Bill's new bookcases.  Now I just need to find two more...a collection of three would be nice!

I love the colors on this plate! I found a similar plate on Ebay.  It sold for $13.99...shipping costs were an additional $22.79!  I guess the "buyer" must have really wanted it!

I also found this very nice, old, wooden will (someday) become a mushroom in my backyard.

This is a cracker holder...and everyone needs a cracker holder!  Right?!  Especially if it turns out to be free!!

It was a very good day at the thrift store!


Ann said...

Free is my favorite price. What an awesome surprise to see that total on your receipt.
Interesting, a class action lawsuit against a thrift store. I hope something like that doesn't result in them having to close their doors

Simply Shelley said...

How fun, free is always better :) Blessings friend