Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Forty years ago today I became a mother.
This is Ronny...born May 10, 1975.
Ronny passed away, from SIDS, on September 15, 1975.

The next two photos were taken on September 10th. I took him to Federals Department Store to have his four month photos taken.  I wasn't planning on being in any of the photos...but the photographer was very persistent.  Five days later Ronny was gone.  About two weeks after that my mother, my sister, and I went to pick up the photo package.  I am forever grateful for that persistent photographer!

I'm also forever grateful for my mom....several years ago she put together photo albums for my brothers, my sister, and me.  These three photos of Ronny are on one of the pages in the album. I'm pretty sure it was difficult for her to put this page together, but probably not as difficult as it was to pick up the photo package with me all those years ago.  Forever grateful Mom.....for lots of things!

Here's my mom. With my fifth "baby".
I moved away from Michigan (where my mom lives) before Mandy was born.  
But, even though they're miles apart, they're close. They pick up right where they left off.  
(often over a mess of stuffed cabbage or a game of Scrabble!)
My mom has never let distance interfere with knowing her grandchildren (she has fourteen!), and I know she desires the same with her great-grandchildren (she has fourteen of those as well!)
It's a little harder now...since family is in four different states, but we'll make it work!!

I love you Mom! 
Thank you for being everything I've needed a mom to be.
Thank you for loving me.  
Thank you for loving my children and their children.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
You are in my thoughts and my prayers always.

My grandchildren have mommys to be grateful for too!
Happy Mother's Day to Katie, Johanna, and Jacqi!!

Look what else I have to be grateful for...
A group photo of all fifteen of us!!
I'll have to share more photos from this photo shoot. 
Not only was Jacqi in the photos...she was the photographer too!
We captured it all!!

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Ann said...

What a beautiful Mother's Day post Marie. I hope you have a wonderful day