Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Penelope and Fletcher

Well, it's been a month and a day since they moved from here to there!  I miss them...a bunch!
It's crazy. I get teary whenever I look at pictures of them and I actually ache inside.
I just really want to hug them.

Thankfully, Jacqi has been good about sharing photos.
Here's a peek at them on their Paw-Paw's motorcycle.

This guy is settling in really well.  Jacqi said he's definitely a country boy.
Look at that face...I love the picture in the upper right corner!  
Doesn't he have the best little teeth!!

This sweet girl is having a little harder time.  
She gets bored...they're looking for a church, and some summer activities for her. She just needs to be involved in some fun things, and she needs to meet some new friends.  You know, I miss them all, but I really think I miss her the most!! Sweet girl!

 I'm really looking forward to when they settle into a place of their own so I can go and visit!  
But in the meantime...I need to figure out Facetime!

P.S. I miss their mom and dad too!!


Katherine Thomas said...

Oh my goodness... those adorable smiles! You have the cutest family, and you take the best photos of them!

Ann Thompson said...

they are sweet. I can only imagine how much you're missing them.

Barbara Eads said...

What darling children! I can see why you miss them!

Donna said...

So precious! Love the photos...Too cute!
Sorry they moved...that's hard to deal with.