Monday, October 10, 2016

The Craft Shows are Coming!! The Craft Shows are Coming!!

I have been collecting craft supplies for a lot of years.  Probably 25 years.  I use up a lot of supplies when I make things...but honestly, there seems to be no way I can "make" fast enough.
For years I've enjoyed taking old stuff and repurposing it into new stuff.  I was constantly on the look out for vintage sewing & kitchen items, baby shoes, old china pieces and bakeware, buttons, baubles, and bows....well you get the idea.  Plus I've always been quick to make a purchase at those after Christmas clearance sales...actually after anything clearance sales!! 
This year I decided it was time to use up as much of the accumulated stuff as possible.  That means no buying additional supplies unless it's absolutely needed to complete a project.
Like glue sticks or fiberfill for instance.
I'm happy to say that so far I've been successful!!  
I haven't had to buy anything yet...not even glue sticks.  I discovered that I hoard those too!!

Here's a look at some of the things I've made for my two upcoming craft shows!

There's more in the works!
The only negative thing so far....most everything I'm making is small in size.  There doesn't appear to be less of anything as far as supplies go.  But I'll keep at it!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Who Needs Paint!

Learning to paint would be such fun.  
But I've tried a couple times without much success.  
I seem to do better snapping photos of things I like.  
But what fun! I found a website that makes my photos look a bit like paintings.  
This batch of photos were edited using the "watercolor" effect.
I like them...I especially like the mushroom.  
That one reminds me of a paint by number painting.













Certainly not perfect...but entertaining for sure!!
How about you?  Want to try this yourself?
Visit PhotoFunia and do a little "painting"!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Life Is Fragile....

Somebody said this to me the other day.
"I'm just tired of nothing being simple.  
It's discouraging."

Somebody said this to me too.
"She is really upset. 
She's just had a really bad day."

This as well.
"Every time I overcome one obstacle, another 
is waiting around the corner."

And... "It's always something!"

And then there's all that sadness in the news....everyday it seems.  
Sometimes I feel so helpless...and I wish I could fix things. 
But I can't.  So I pray.

"Here are my directions:  
Pray much for others; plead for God's mercy upon them; 
give thanks for all He is going to do for them."
1 Timothy 2:1 TLB

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Grandkids and Birthdays

We celebrated the last one for the year a week ago. his birthday party...last Saturday!
Five years old!!!

So far this year, I've pretty much ignored my blog, so there were no special 
birthday posts for each of them.  Pitiful....I know!
Next year I hope that I'm better about it.  It's a joy to look through this blog and 
experience their birthdays past once again.
 Fortunately I did share birthday photos on Instagram!
Here they are, along with a link to LAST year's blog post birthday celebrations!!  

Elijah - 8 years old on January 7th

Fletcher - 2 years old on January 7th

Penelope - 7 years old on March 25th

August - born on April 18th (this year)

Louisa aka Lulu - 3 years old on May 8th

Charlotte - 8 years old on May 14th

Caleb - 5 years old on July 25th

I am so blessed to have seven sweet grandchildren.
I thank God for them...always!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Don't Judge A "Box" By It's Cover

I love a trip to the thrift store...and I really love it when I find an unexpected surprise!  
Like this Electricity Kit for $2.99.  I'm not sure why I grabbed it off the shelf...maybe because it looked old and interesting!! 

It looked even more interesting when I saw the top of the box.  I saw the word "ornaments"!!  
Woo Hoo!  Vintage ornaments??? Maybe!
I peeked in the box and saw some shiny metallic and some poinsettia printed paper.  
Then I closed it back up and put in my cart.  Yep...I pretty much bought it sight unseen.

When I got home and opened it...well, let's just say it was worth it!
Have a look at all my wonderful treasures.


Pretty ornaments and this really lovely piece of Christmas gift wrap.  I love vintage Christmas things. They're hard to find, so it's really special when I do.  I'll use some of them in my Christmas decorating...but most will be used in my Christmas creating.  
Maybe I'll make something like THIS or THIS.   

Remember...never judge a "box" by it's cover...there might be vintage treasure inside!