Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love this Jar Display!

I visited an antique mall in Frederick, MD with some friends right before my surgery.  I bought a few fun things ~ glass mason jar lids, little tart pans and a great old book.  This is a photo of what I didn't buy ~ but REALLY wanted.  The $200 plus price tag held me back big time.  Isn't it awesome?!  Truly, once I got home and realized how much space it would have taken up, I was glad it was out of my price range.  But I'm glad I took photos of it ~ because it's really neat to look at.  Don't you think? 


Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Marie, That's indeed a fantastic piece but quite expensive and a bit unwieldy. Maybe you can find a smaller and cheaper display one day and you just add some new jars. You could rust the lids yourself for the antique look.
Happy Anniversary to you and Bill! I wish you both many more wonderful years.
Your therapy sounds tough. It's great that your hubby takes such good care of you. Hopefully you will be fully recovered soon, dear Marie!
Hugs to you,

Barbara Jean said...

i can see why you liked it. It is a great piece, and rustic and great colors!

barbara jean

PS for that much $ it would not have come home with me either. =)

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie,-it is wonderful, but very pricy--I would have left it there,too,
but fantastic it is.I like dear Julia`s idea, of rusting and altering another piece,one day.
Happy week to you, dear- I`m happy you blog again.

Simply Shelley said...

Love it....are those jars large ones or small?....just wondering...if they are large I can see how that would need some space....I can see why you wanted to bring it home...it is very charming and nostalgic...Happy belated Anniversary....blessings

Gettysburg Homestead said...

That is really awesome!!! That gives me an idea for Ball Jars!!! Thanks

Ann said...

Oh that is really cool. I can imagine it filled with all kinds of craft supplies :) I can see why you wanted to take it home but that is a hefty price tag.

Jillayne said...

It is lovely and I would have wanted it too! But it is so far out of my price range I couldn't have got it either. Thankfully I am finally of a mind that I don't have to have things that I like - life is much easier now!
Glad to see you're back to a bit of blogging!

SPARROW said...

WOW!!! Why can't they have things like this in the places I visit. I totally love this. I would have made an offer to see if they would accept less.