Thursday, May 3, 2012

Less is More

Every now and then, an old already known truth hits me in a brand new way.  And then it convicts a mighty way.  Then I beat "myself up" for not doing things differently...and then I stop the abuse.  Because God doesn't need all the years I wasted.  He just wants me to take that conviction and run with it now.

Here's where it started this time...on this beautiful blog post......
a holy experience

"The Farmer says it about his sons and his daughters, about us:“Whether you have much or little, the truth will just tell you plain: the only wealth you’ll ever have is God.”
Do any of us need more than that?
“The things is… When we think about what we want to leave for our children — Less is more.”
I nod slow.
Less goods can let there be more God.
Whenever you think you need more of this world, you lay out a welcome mat for the enemy.
When it comes to our legacy, to our lives, to our longings —  less is always more.
We get out of bed and do what comes first.
We bow our heads.
And the emptiness of hands surrendered can fill with God."

Less stuff, less busyness, less me.
More Him.
In Him....I'm complete, my children are complete, my grandchildren are complete.
That's the legacy I desire.

I'm linking up with Lorraine at "With a Grateful Heart and a Thankful Prayer" for Think on these Things, and with
Abby at "Little Birdie Blessings" for Scripture Thursday.

The beautiful frame that I used for Colossians 2:10 can be found on Cathe's blog...Just Something I Made.  Click here.


Little Birdie Blessings said...

Oh Marie, I LOVE it when I see a familiar theme that others have shared. I know God is at work here with a message. I certainly am hearing it loud and clear. I like what Ann said "Less goods can let there be more God." I'm going to go read her devotion now. Thanks so much for sharing this and for linking to Scripture Thursday. You are a blessing to me. ~ Abby

Peggy said...

Beautiful thoughts today. Yes, more of Him, and less of me! Thank you for sharing today.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such a beautiful image with these thoughtful words, Marie. I have returned to this post a few times today as I think deeper about what you have shared. Thank you for linking to Think on These Things!

Laurie said...

I am so glad you shared this post with your insights on Ann's words, and I will be pondering it all this evening. Less truly is more, and He truly is All. Help me to remember this, Lord!

Simply Shelley said...

Such a beautiful post Marie..and one that I so agree with. Less is so many ways. I am learning that more and more. My I decease and him Increase ...that is my prayer. May God grant us..More of him and less of everything else.....blessings