Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So Many Birthdays!!

Yep, it's birthday time at our house!!
Two of my grandsons have birthdays today!!

Elijah is SEVEN! When did that happen?  
Sure doesn't seem like six years have passed since his first birthday!!  
I think "Frosty" is wondering the same thing!

Pure happiness!!
I love this photo of him!

He was so excited to get his Peppa Pig toys from Bill and I...he also enjoyed the 
Paw Patrol figures Caleb received from my mother.

He's so tired in this photo...but what a good sport! "Okay Gramma, one more picture...."!

I've noticed, since he started losing his teeth, that he smiles a little different. 
It's like he wants to make sure we notice the (ever increasing) gap!!

Happy Birthday Elijah...I love you and hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!  
Somebody told me you like Spiderman. 
He wishes you a happy birthday too!

Then there's this little guy...he's ONE year old, today!!
Yep, Fletcher is a birthday stealer...or a birthday sharer as Elijah likes to say. His first year flew by!  He's growing up so quickly it seems.
We've got a little weight training going on here! 

Fletcher was quite fascinated by the cute guy in the mirror!
How could he help it....that's a really cute baby! 

I laid him under the tree...he stared at lights for about five minutes. 
Then he tried to pull them off the tree....

The Dollar Store spinning light was a hit too!

Every time I said "smile!" he gave me a different look. 
I love this bunch of photos!!

(Hope you get to smash a banana or two!)

What a blessing my grandchildren are...they 
make me happy every day!


Fletcher isn't the only birthday stealer sharer in the family.  Elijah's cousin Beatrice is celebrating her 1st birthday too!  He gets to SHARE his birthday with two cousins!! Such a lucky boy!



Ann said...

Well this is a big day with all those birthdays. Elijah is growing up so fast and he's such a cutie.
I laughed at your collage of Fletcher and his many smiles. Totally adorable

Ann said...

oops I forgot to say Happy Birthday to all three of them

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! So many cute expressions! These are all adorable! You do have the sweetest family Marie!

Unknown said...

A happy blog. :) Babies faces always cheer.