Friday, July 15, 2016

Love These Faces...Miss Them Too!

In April 2015 I shared that my son and his family would be moving to Texas.  
When they left, they were a family of four.  
In April of this year they became a family of five!  August Willem was born on April 18th! 

 Now there are five to love...and five to miss!!  I did get to be in Texas in I got to meet sweet August.  But I haven't seen him since he was 4 days old. He's growing SO FAST!

Penelope and Fletcher seem to change each day.  
Bigger and cuter by the minute!!
I'm really lucky 'cause Jacqi shares lots of photos of them on Facebook and Instagram.  This is my current favorite of Fletcher...he's modeling Jacqi's mom's glasses!

She gets prettier and prettier....

August gets chubbier and chubbier.  
I just want to kiss those sweet cheeks!

For over seven years I was spoiled. All my grandbabies lived within an hour of my house.  
Now three of them are half the country away from me!
But I'm going to see them about 95 days!!
Hope they're ready for hugs and kisses.

P.S. I'm looking forward to seeing their mommy and daddy too!!

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Ann said...

aw, congratulations on another little in the family. They sure are cute.