Saturday, July 5, 2008

Keeping in Touch...

What a great way to share things with my Mom (and other family and friends). I know my Mom would love to experience, first hand, all the changes in the little lives of Elijah & Charlotte. Here's a way for her to see them and "hear"what's happening to them.

Joe called and said that Elijah started trying to "crawl" today and he experienced his first fireworks last night. He enjoyed them from indoors!

Charlotte spent the day with me today. Her momma and Aunts Mandy & Jacqi went shopping. They bought new clothes for her. Pretty soon she'll need a new closet! She wore shoes for the first time today...too cute!


Katie P said...

Man, that's one cute little girl!! And I guess that fat boy is pretty adorable too! :)

Baking a wish said...

Cuties for sure! I can tell you are such a proud grandma. Our children and grandchildren are our blessings aren't they!!! Have fun blogging! It is fun.