Thursday, August 14, 2008

Working 9 to home please!

It is so slow at work today. Days like this one really make me long to be home where about a bazillion things are awaiting my attention. But here I sit, the phone isn't ringing, my paperwork is caught up, my calls are made...nothing to do! Even the assorted squirrels that live on my desk aren't amusing me.
But I know that at home there's tons to do. The wood floors really need to be cleaned, the weeds need to be pulled, and cleaning and organizing my craft room would bring me much happiness. I'd also enjoy some time to wash my car; dust the stuff on the top of my kitchen cupboards; paint a few rooms in my home because they need it, not because I'm tired of the color; investigate the hall never know what you might find in them...and then get rid of most of what I find. Cleaning the coils on the refrigerator; shampooing the carpets; washing the curtains, cleaning the storage room and dusting the fan blades....yep, that all needs to be done.
Who has time for all this stuff? I would love to get these things done on a regular basis. But really - when??? There are too many "daily" things to keep up with!
There are some "fun" things I wish I could be doing too. I would love to wake up each morning and have some really good quiet time with the Lord - instead of the usual 10 minutes or so; and a cup of coffee or tea while reading some great blogs that I've found would be wonderful. An occasional lunch with my friends; shopping in the middle of the day on a weekday (I do not love the Saturday crowds); creating things in my craft room; reading without having to use toothpicks to keep my eyes open; watching daytime shows on HGTV; sitting in my yard planning my garden; working in my yard to create that garden....I'm smiling just thinking about all these things! Even - family hold onto your hats - trying out some yummy, new recipes once in awhile would be fun too!
I don't know where I was going with these meandering words...guess I just wanted to fill time and imagine for awhile. I'm done now. Lunch break is over. Back to the real world of working 9-5 and fitting some of the other stuff in when I can and dreaming about doing the rest someday. And remembering when those "somedays" happen, to be very grateful for the opportunity I have to clean the bathroom, wash the car, shampoo the carpet, etc, etc, etc.
You probably won't see pictures of my beautiful clean house on here too often - although I may try and catch some rooms on their good days; you'll seldom see examples of new creations that I've made - but I am trying to work on some things; and it's pretty certain I won't be discussing any good books I've read - not right now. Someday...but not right now. You will see oodles of photos of my grandbabies because I love taking their pictures; you'll read silly stuff about my family; maybe I'll post pictures of stuff I like to collect and if you stop by you may hear about what the Lord is doing in our lives.
I just need to remember He's got me right where He knows I need to be. From now on the first thing I'll think about is Him and the beautiful world He's given me. A world full of people I love...including the ones I work with. I'm going to get my focus off the details of life and instead focus on the great abundance right here in front of me. It's a good plan.....
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A big thank you to Heather J. for mentioning my ACEO give-away on her blog. I really appreciate it a bunch! If you love to read books, or if you just love seeing a really nice blog, then you ought to visit it from'll enjoy the trip! It's all about books and it even has me thinking maybe I need to really try to get in some book readin' soon! (or at least after I get all that other stuff done!!)

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WOWandTHEN said...

I have enjoyed visiting you from Calgary, Alberta, I too have a blog and I am still new at this world of blogging, but am always blessed to find those with heart and soul in their creativity. Be blessed, Pam