Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a Chicken Kind of Day

Don't you love this little cookbook!? It's really a Rival Crockpot Cookbook that's had a little "redo"! A sweet gal who signed her artwork PAL painted it back in 2002. I love it! PAL used to have a space in my gift shop, Agape Gifts & Crafts, before it closed. She painted all sorts of things~ including the tiny bucket pictured above. The little rooster was a gift from my dear friend Patricia. She was also a co-owner of Agape and is very familiar with PAL's artwork!

I thought I might try this recipe inside "Betty Clucker" ~ it sounds simple and tasty! An excellent combination don't you think! However, I've spent so much time looking through the cookbook, I've run out of time to get the crock-pot going before leaving for work!! At least I have a plan for tomorrow already!

Checking the fridge and pantry ~ Guess it's going to be a chili kind of day instead!

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Scrap for Joy said...

I didn't know you had owned a shop! I'm sure it was a lot of work. Did you do that and have your other job, too? Wow! I love using the crock pot, too! There's nothing more magical than throwing a bunch of things in it in the morning and then smelling the yummy results at dinner time!