Thursday, October 30, 2008

"It's a shame we have to give it away!"

That's what my father-in-law said when he saw the candy bowl for tomorrow night! He's so funny. This will be his first candy-passing out" Halloween in decades and his first Halloween since moving in with us last December. He's asked me twice if we get a lot of children at our door. I don't know if he's hoping we do so he can see then all ~ or hoping we don't so he gets the leftover candy! Bless his heart ~ he doesn't know about the extra bags we bought for him!

Bill bought a great variety of candy this year ~ my favorite is the Baby Ruth. Yum!!

I found a really fun blog today. It's full of vintage advertisements and it has a great name. Visit Found in Mom's Basement to see the candy ads below plus much more.

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Shelley said...

Hi Marie,just stopping by to wish you a safe and happy Halloween..we never get trick or treaters since we live out of town some.,but I would love to. Of course,the grandkids all make their first stop here.
Have a fun one......