Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life!

My all time favorite Christmas movie is "It's A Wonderful Life" ~ actually it's my most favorite movie ~ period! I like the memories it stirs up and the truths it reminds me of.

I love to reminisce ~ especially when it involves simpler, sweeter times. That’s what this movie does for me. It turns my thoughts to my youth ~ black & white movies and TV (I loved the Donna Reed Show), it makes me remember fun times in the high school drama club (one of the musicals we did was “Harvey” ~ Jimmy Stewart starred in it). It reminds me of what really matters in our lives. So often we focus on finances, status, and material wealth ~ forgetting that it’s family and friends that really matter. It’s having others “to do unto” that brings happiness into our hearts. Life is all about people and how we treat them.

I wonder what my little part of the world would have been like had I not been in it? More to the point, since I have been in it, I hope I've impacted ~ for good ~ those in it with me. I hope I've made a difference in a positive way!

Did I mention that I love this movie? I really do ~ and I do believe it's time to watch it again!

What's your favorite holiday movie?


Shelley said...

Hi Marie,I love this movie to...we watch it every year at Christmas time.Love this post,I enjoyed the read!


Anonymous said...

I like watching it too, especially the parts where he's younger. I try to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Story" atleast once each year. It's not really Christmastime without seeing them.

millerhomestead said...

Hi Marie, I am with you, this is my favorite too! I need to get it out and watch it. Have a great day. God bless, Jamie

Regina said...

I'm sure that reminiscing (sp?) with you is always a hoot and a holler. Your daughters kindly shared a memory or two last night during our book club discussion. Never a dull moment! *wink*

A "new" favorite movie of mine is "Love Actually." It's a movie with many intersecting plots. Some of them are "eh" but a few are really endearing!

And take heart. Your positive ripples are spreading far and wide.

Love you! Regina

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Marie, Yes, it is a great movie but, dare I say it ....I love National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!!!