Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Monday Memories ~ Interrupted.... life and germs!

Charlotte has been sick since Christmas Eve. Her momma (Katie) and daddy (Mark) have been sick too. Katie and Charlotte slept at my house Christmas night and Friday night in hopes that Katie and Mark would get some rest. They got a little ~ me not so much. Mark's mum has been visiting from England and she's not feeling well either.

It's been a long weekend ~ and I've kept some very strange hours (as evidenced by the time of this post). I think I'll take a few more days off from the "land of blog".

But, first a very quick note about our Christmas! Despite people not feeling well, Christmas Day was a lovely one. All my children (and families) were here. We had a wonderful meal ~ Bill prepared a standing rib roast ~ it was so good! Everyone loved their gifts and we all enjoyed our time with one another! Now, if only those who weren't sick stay that way......


Shelley said...

Hi Marie,hope all will be well soon. Get some rest,and take care dear friend........
So glad your Christmas was wonderful,and here's wishing you and your's many blessings in 2009!
"Happy New Year"

God bless you,Shelley

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh bless your heart... hope you and all your dear ones get some much needed rest and feel better really soon.

Warm chicken soup hugs,

Anonymous said...

Marie, I hope everyone is soon on the mend. Being sick is no fun, especially at Christmas and if Mum has to travel back to England still not feeling well.
Do show Mum the picture I posted on my blog this morning. Perhaps she knows the place....! :-)