Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What a Deal!

I didn't do much after Christmas shopping ~ partly because I don't need anything ~ partly because I didn't feel well enough to do much shopping! However, I did find a bargain on this Martha Stewart glitter! The two six packs of glitter were $2.20 each and the large red glitter was $1.40. They were all 75% off! I can glitter up a lot of stuff now........

Valentine's Day is coming ~ maybe I'll have a little glittery fun for that ~ after all, that's a lot of red glitter!


our shabby cottage said...

What a bargain, you can go glitter yourself silly now!!!!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh I wish I thought about Valentine's day when I saw that glitter on sale! Shucks. I bet its all gone now. It sure will make some pretty valentines.


Scrap for Joy said...

Martha's glitter is great! Think I'll head out and look for some today. I can't believe it's January 7 already! Haven't been shopping (except groceries) since before Christmas!
Thanks for the "enabling"
Love, Joyce