Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Monday Memories

5 cents

It doesn't buy much anymore, does it!? Actually, I can't think of anything it does buy!

But back in the sixties it bought the very best popsicles in the least in my world! "Leonard" was the old, white haired man who rode the "bike" around our neighborhood...kind of like the one pictured below. His "bike" had a motor...but it still went very slowly as it traveled down our streets.

Leonard had a bike bell too ~ you know the kind ~ like the ones on every little tricycle ~ it kind of went Brrring, Brrring, Brrring! It didn't look anything like the one below! I just put that one in because it's so CRAZY looking!! Talk about bling! Anyway......

"Leonard would come by in the evenings during the summer ~ not every evening ~ but enough of them! He sold things besides popsicles, like ice cream bars & sandwiches, and Dixie cups ~ but plain old popsicles were my favorite. He had a bazillion flavors too!! Watermelon, Grape, Banana, Cherry, Orange, Root Beer, Lime, Sky Blue, Strawberry, Lemonade, Coconut, Peach and my personal favorite ~ Bubble Gum Pink!!

There were a lot of kids in my neighborhood and when we heard the bell we would come running! "What flavors today Leonard?" "Anything new?"
It would take a while to decide which flavor to choose ~ "Leonard" always waited patiently. It was great......and it was only a nickel!!

One summer he just didn't come ~ we kids all decided he must have died. We missed him.

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