Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Okay ~ you play on the inside and I'll stay out here ~ it just looks like it's more fun in there!

That looks like fun! You go ahead and chew on that one ~ I'm saving this for me!

This cooperation stuff is pretty nice! I'm having fun ~ how about you?


Goat Creek Grandma said...

Marie, they are both so cute! Its so nice that they can occupy each other right now. I know when Jaygen is here, he and grandma have to play all the time. Grandma is old and can't handle all that time on the floor. *laughing*

Enjoy your grandbabies!

Scrap for Joy said...

These pictures are so cute. I always have to laugh about how everything goes right in the mouth. How funny that Charlotte and Elijah take turns on chewing.

Anonymous said...

Aw, what sweet, happy little faces!

CozyCoops Corner said...

They are just precious Marie! Love the pictures !Have a great day !
Janae :-)

Phillip Winn said...
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Kelli said...

I love those happy baby cute!
I saw your question...I sold the corner bookmarks, but just listed some more. :0)

our shabby cottage said...

Gosh those two are just the cutest! They will be great friends when they are older.