Monday, March 2, 2009

Yes! It Snowed!

I know many weren't happy to see the fluffy white stuff....but I was! About 7 inches fell!! We haven't had any snow to speak of all winter and I loved watching it fall. It was a good snow that stuck to branches, fences and yard decorations. I took some pictures from inside the front door and the back door before I left for work. I wanted to walk around in the yard after work ~ I saw a lot of neat things to photograph but it was dark before I got out there. Maybe tomorrow ~ because the snow isn't going anywhere with temperatures as cold as they are!
Take a peek at my corner of the world.

Mandy's Jeep covered in snow...that's still coming down.

Katie picking Mandy up for work so she wouldn't have to clean off her Jeep! Such a nice sister!
They both work for an insurance claim adjusters! Guess they'll be busy!

My neighbor's tree ~ it has leaves the size of basketballs each summer. They land right on top of the cars parked in my drive way. I don't love it then ~ but it's kind of pretty right now!

My backyard.

The two oak trees that are in my yard ~ can you believe those leaves that are still hanging on!

I love snow!

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our shabby cottage said...

I love snow too - pity it doesn't come around here very often!