Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Best Seat in the House

Kids love their own little chair and with three grandbabies arriving in rapid fire succession I was afraid I'd be without a seat for each one of them.

But never fear ~ friends and a thrift store came to the rescue.

This little wooden chair was given to me by my friend Tisha ~ she picked it up at an auction. It'll be getting a paint job soon....I'm thinking black.

My friend Patricia painted this little rocker for me ~ that was before we knew grandbaby #3 was coming! I'll have to ask her to paint another bear on it!! : )

I found this platform rocker at the thrift store ~ all the babies love this one! Elijah & Charlotte can make it glide back and forth and Penelope reclines in it like the princess she is ~ loving that someone else does all the work of making it move.

Yep ~ they love these sweet little chairs. But sometimes I wonder why I have them, because these babies are happy sitting just about anywhere!

Post Script! As Joyce (Scrap for Joy) reminded me in her comment ~ there' s also the "chilliest" seat in the house.


Shelley said...

We have little chairs here busy bodies don't sit long photos...blessings

Hopemore Studio said...

The painted rocker is beautiful, what a keepsake. I just gave away my little one's rocking chair in hopes that it can be used by someone else. I know when the need arises I will find another.

Why do kids love to climb into boxes, baskets and toys? Mine were always under something and they still do it today building forts from the bed quilts on the weekends.

Scrap for Joy said...

Your chair collection is great! I love children's chairs, too. Now I just need some more kidlets to sit in them! Don't forget Charlotte's refrigerator seat!!!

Jacqueline said...

I've always wondered why I like chairs...big ones, little ones, miniature ones...I have no idea but I love them. It all started I think in Fairyland days when my dad explained the story of the three bears and how one chair was broke. The picture of the grands sitting in various boxes etc...reminded me of my Sadie Mae...she is sitting in the laundry pile that needs to be folder. Kids and doggies, must think alike!