Sunday, December 13, 2009

Drumroll Please!

Sorry I'm so late with announcing the winner. but her she is ~ Mercy from The Stone House.
Mercy has a brand new granddaughter named "Evie"! She's just about one week old. So - Mercy has already had a winning week...guess she's on a streak!!

On Tuesday I'll be announcing the Giveaway for Week #3!

Thanks a bunch to everyone who entered this week's!!


Carla said...

Congrats to Mercy! She really made out with this great giveaway. Can't wait to see what you goodies you have to giveaway next, Marie!

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

I WON! OH My! I have not even had my internet up for most of the weekend! How coolie is this! Marie, Thank you for hosting these fantastic giveaways! I'm way excited! I can't believe I won! Thank You thank You Thank You!!!!!!
♥ Mercy

Scrap for Joy said...

Yay Mercy-what a lucky lady!