Monday, December 14, 2009

Special Mail

I've been fortunate to have received some really special mail over the past month or so and I thought I would share it with you this week.

Diane Knott sent me a some goodies "just because"! Don't you love a "just because" gift! Look at the wonderful newsprint she used to wrap up my package ! I love this ad...notice the date...1912! She also sent along several of her notecards ~ the vibrancy of her watercolors is amazing (although it loses a bit in my photo!).

How sweet that she sent me some new additions for my "Instant Ancestors" (look here and here) ~ I love the one of the little girls in their warm winter coats. What great hats! I think Penelope and Charlotte need hats like those.

Diane makes very pretty tags and she sent a couple along for me plus a sweet little heart to hang in a special place. And last but not least is this strip of stamped muslin that tied everything up. I have a little bottle that needs a little bow tie and I think this is it!
Thanks SO MUCH Diane for your kind generosity!

I won a giveaway that was hosted by Libbie ~ "The Middlest Sister"! Don't you love the name of her blog! She sent me a new address book and here it is all ready for Libbie's name to be added to the D section. The cover is great.....My Peeps! I think it will be perfect for keeping track of all my blogging friends. Stop over and read Libbie's post for today. She shares a really easy way to spread a little Christmas cheer! Thanks a bunch for the good stuff!

I participated in some great swaps too ~ I'll be sharing about them this week.
Have a wonderful Monday!
Make a memory or two!


Libbie said...

Yeah I am glad you got it! I just was visiting since I saw in my blog update that you had a recent post & there it is! :)

Oh my that picture of the 2 girls is adorable! aREN'T OLD PHOTOS PRECIOUS! i can look through old pics for hours :)

Hope you are staying warm! It is pretty freezing here today.

Scrap for Joy said...

Nice things should go to nice people and you're one of the nicest Marie! The instant ancestors are great-love the little girls! My mailman is getting a really nice gift this year for all that he has brought me...hahahaha! Diane's notecards are great and the address book for blogging friends is a good idea. Have a good week my friend!
(I'm loving your Christmas music....I linger here just to listen!)

our shabby cottage said...

What a lovely and kind gesture Marie. A bit like your gift to me last Christmas - JOY to everyone!

Jacqueline said...

Diane really spoiled you GOOD. It feels so GOOD to be loved real GOOD. For GOODness sakes, there's so much GOOD in the world it makes our hearts feel GOOD to know GOOD people with GOOD hearts give GOOD. Thinking of you tonight...I have my silly cap on...and to all a GOOD night! Did you ever cash that $8 ck I sent, hubby asked...the GOOD bookkeeper!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Marie. I've been spending some time looking over some of your past post. Yes, you did get some snow! I love your creations. They are all so pretty. I'm looking forward to coming back to see a lot more.

Hugs...Tracy :)