Sunday, December 20, 2009

It Snowed!

Thought you'd like to see a little bit of our Saturday Snowstorm.
I took this photo yesterday at about 4pm EST ~ it was taken right outside my front door.
Yep! It says 15 inches!

At the same time I took this one of my father-in-law's car.
He won't be driving it anywhere anytime soon!

Here it is at about 8pm yesterday.

My husband needed a ride home from work last night...or he'd have to spend the night. Mandy and I decided that we could venture out ~ using her 4 wheel drive JEEP. But that meant we had to shovel it out. The snow was at least 18 inches deep by this time (abt 9:30pm) and neither of us owns a pair of boots. But being the creative people that we are ~ we designed these fan-tab-u-lous boots! We were "Glad" that we had these trash bags! Here's Mandy modeling her pair.

And here she is taking a running start to get to her JEEP. We live on a corner and we have two driveways. The JEEP was parked on the back driveway. We had to shovel a narrow path out the FRONT door and then the sidewalk to the driveway. Next we shoveled from the driveway down to the road where we were able to walk in the ruts around the corner and toward the back of the house. It was great fun! Well...sorta!

Here's a shot of my house as I walked past it in the ruts. : )

Here's Bill and Mandy AFTER we got back ~ about three hours after first slipping on our white vinyl boots. It took us that long to shovel out and drive there and back. It normally takes Bill about 15 minutes to get home from work! Mandy's JEEP is sitting in the middle of the road while they clear a spot for it on the FRONT driveway! Fortunately for me we only own two snow shovels.

Here's a final look at my FIL's car ~ this is about 12:30AM.
Yep ~ we definitely got some snow!


Scrap for Joy said...

WOW! You certainly got more than the 6" we got here. I'm sorry you had to go out in it but I'm sure Bill was glad to see you! For us it was nice to sit inside with the fireplace burning and candles lit. Loved your boots...hahahahaha! I ordered a pair from Land's End and they came on Friday-how timely!
Bundle up and stay warm Marie! Hope you were able to gt to the church for P's dedication today.

Hopemore Studio said...

Now that's a ton of snow...Mother Nature is truly amazing. Looks like you took it in stride and your boots are a great way to compromise.

I'm just amazed by the pictures,
Be safe,

Shelley said...

It is are going to have a White Christmas...wonderful...hope you can stay warm and cosy...although it is so pretty,I know it can become very hazardous....stay safe.....have a blessed Lord's day.....

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh My Word!!!!!! That sure is a lot of snow. I hope they are cancelling things around your area. Stay safe. All we have still is a light skim coating on everything.


Diva Kreszl said...

it's all so beautiful...we had close to 2 feet here at the Jersey Shore!

Katie said...

When you shared this story with me you neglected to mention your trash bag boots. Who came up with that genius idea?

The news said your neck of the woods came in at 19 inches, while my neighborhood got 22.5 inches. I knew I wasn't crazy when I told you that it looked like almost 2 feet!

Sweet Annabelle said...

Deep snows make great memories! It just missed us here in N. KY and we were all disappointed! Glad you enjoyed it,