Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Coming!


"Washington (DC), Baltimore, Dover, Charlottesville and Roanoke could accumulate 10 to 15 inches of snow."

Yep ~ that's what I read at
That's us ~ somewhere in the purple area near DC! Looks like Saturday will be a wonderful day to bake* and wrap and look at the pretty snow! And I haven't watched "It's A Wonderful Life" yet this year ~ now I have the perfect opportunity.

Are you stuck in the "purple" this weekend?
What fun things do your have planned?
*Yes, family, I said "bake". Stranger things have happened you know!


Heather J. said...

Chris, James, and Jim are supposed so sing at church on Sunday ... part of me wants to hear them, but part of me wants to stay snuggled in bed and avoid the snow! :)

marie said...

Hi Heather - Penelope is suppose to be dedicated on Sunday. Hopefully the roads, parking lot and sidewalks will be nice and clear and all we'll have to do is look at the white stuff!

Hopemore Studio said...

Oh Marie, you are definitely in the purple! I am in the light grey, 2-4 inches here, that's probably not even enough to keep us homebound. I hope you get lots done, really someone should make me stay home more. Be safe,

Carol said...

Enjoy your snow storm! Here in Oklahoma we may see a flake or two next week.

Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

Have fun snuggled up in your home! I love a good snow storm if I can stay home and enjoy it out my windows!!:0) I'm not sure if the storm will just miss us here in Vermont, we will have to wait and see!! Have a great weekend!

Scrap for Joy said...

I always say, if it's going to snow make it a big one! David just headed out to church to help put up the tree and decorate the church with some other hardy souls. When he comes home he'll run the snow blower (we already have about 4") and then we'll have a fire in the fireplace and enjoy a nice quiet evening at home! Stay warm my friend and be safe! Hope everything gets cleared for you before church tomorrow. xoxo

Auntie Cake said...

Just popped in to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Yikes!!! My body was not made for weather like that!! I'm such a wimp when it comes to the cold. But I love your idea for the weekend...baking, gift wrapping and It's a Wonderful Life.
I can't get over all the pretties in the post below. I especially loved the cabinet card, bird domino magnet and rag doll.
Speaking of "happy mail"...I just sent you an email. You're an angel, Marie!
Enjoy your cozy weekend,
Mary Lou
P.S. Those little grandbaby stockings are to die for. Perfect choice for that fabric. : )

Carla said...

Hey Marie! Are you surviving all this snow? I just went out and "tried" to play with my boys in it, and you can't even walk! It was up to my knees. It's beautiful though. Stay warm!

Celeste said...

20 inches!? You probably may not want to hear we had 80 degrees today in sunny southern Cali. Stay safe and enjoyed reading through your blog...