Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Monday Memories

Year two has begun for A Swap for All Seasons. Last years swaps were such fun ~ one of the best parts about them is enjoying all the fun things Linda has for us to do. Right now we're working on a Valentine's day swap and in keeping with the heart theme Linda posed a question for us on our swap blog. Who was your Favorite Teen Heartthrob? Well, that certainly brought back some GOOD memories!

Meet my favorite teen heartthrob!

Bobby Sherman

I met Bobby (aka Jeremy Bolt) on the TV show Here Come the Brides. I also met Robert Brown and Daid Soul ~ aka Jason and Joshua Bolt ~ both heartthrob material themselves. But I was about 13-14 years old at the time and thought they were a tad too old for me!
Anyone else remember this show?
I know I was ready to pack up and set sail for Seattle.
Here's the main cast.
I never missed an episode.

Guess what!? While I was browsing around online, looking at Bobby Sherman photos, I discovered that you can purchase Here Come The Brides on DVD at Amazon and I have Christmas $$ to spend!! Hmmmm!

Click that arrow to hear Bobby singing the theme song from the show.
Ahhh ~ be still my heart!


Debbie said...

*singing* 'Julie, Julie, Julie... do you love me....' Oh yes Marie... I remember Bobby Sherman and Here Comes the Brides.

I think my heart was David Cassidy as Keith Partridge on The Partridge Family. I remember being twelve and never missing it on a Friday night. I remember being twelve because I was watching it the year my baby brother was born. Oh the memories... *smiling*


Carla said...

OMG!!!! Marie, I was in L.O.V.E. with Bobby Sherman when I was a kid. Posters on the wall . . . oh my . . . I was smitten! I loved the show too. Dang, I'd almost forgotten about it until your post.

Thanks for stirring up some fond childhood heart throb memories!


LDH said...

Good Morning, Marie! Oh, yes, I remember Bobby Sherman! Look at those blue eyes!

Fun visiting with you!
Kindly, ldh

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Oh My Goodness! I know every single word to that song!!!
Thanks for the FUN today!
I even loved Lottie! I am so going to buy this! Thanks for the walk down memory lane, and for the shopping info!
Funny, I didn't remember David Soul was in it....I was always in love with him from Starsky and Hutch, but didn't remember him from before. Who could out shine Bobby Sherman? SO what ever happened to Bobby Sherman away way? I'm gonna have to Goggle him LOL
Enjoy your day.

Becca said...

Found your blog this morning and I was greeted by a pic of Bobby Sherman!!! Great memories came flooding back. I loved his show. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed my visit.

Jacqueline said...

And they called it, Puppy Love! Donny Osmond! Went to his concert in Canada, had him plastered all over my walls and I still have several of his albums..David Cassidy second runner up and then of course Bobby...Seattle being just down the highway one hour from me...I was always trying to find Bobby. Never saw him! Tee hee...LOVE this post girlfriend!!!

The Garden Bell said...

What a fun posting to think about. Over here via a link to a link. You know how it goes. Mine was Donny Osmond.... Ok, I hate to admit that now after DWTS, but he was, was he was in his hay day.

On to the next about the word..... Mine I think will be BRIGHTEN.

Stop by my garden for a visit anytime.

Scrap for Joy said...

He did have the bluest eyes! I did google him-he's a police officer now...guess he doesn't sing too much on you think?
I like your all need more of that!xoxo