Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Monday Memories

I got a new camera for Christmas (thanks Bill!!) and this is what it looks like.

I don't know much about it yet but I'm learning. I've been taking a lot of photos with it. Last week I discovered that it takes pictures in black & white and in sepia! I am camera challenged....this was quite a discovery for me!

(Way) back in the early sixties, I had a camera like the one below. A Brownie. It belonged to my Great Uncle Albert (he worked for Kodak) and it was pretty old when he gave it to me. It was a very simple camera to use. But I was camera challenged back then too!

Now PLEASE bear in mind that I was pretty young when he gave this to me ~ somewhere in the 8 - 12 year range I would guess.
See the silver dial down there at the bottom of the camera ~ in order to advance the film you had to turn that dial. You turned it after each photo and watched the numbers advance in a little window (I'm working with a 40 year old plus memory here ~ hopefully I'm getting this all right). You could turn the dial and advance the film whether or not you took the next photo.

I remember one time I turned past the "next" number. I didn't want to waste a shot on the film so..........
I kept on turning and turning and turning ~ thinking eventually it would get to the end of the roll of film and it would start over again.
It didn't.
It just ended.
I think there were three photos developed off that particular roll of film.
I never did that again.


Debbie said...

Congratulations on the new camera for Christmas. I got mine in October and boy does it leave me fustrated somedays. I have been getting great pictures but I want to learn how to take better pictures with it. I even bought the 'How to for Dummy's' book for it! *laughing*

I can't wait to see all the sweet pictures you take and share with us. Happy learning!


LDH said...

Very Nice! You're gonna have some fun now!

Shelley said...

Have fun with your new camera Marie....I enjoyed the story about the old Brownie.....can't wait to see the images you create with the new one...have a blessed week dear....Please,don't give up on me....I am going to send that package.....

Jacqueline said...

Ah...memories of my daddys Brownie...I loved it and I thought it was so fun. Then we bought a Polaroid, what a hoot that was! Have a happy go lucky camara away, we'll all wait for the results. Black and white, love it! Who would have thought we would say that? There was always such a push in our time span to "get color".

joybuzz said...

Have fun with the new camera that takes blk and white and sepia too. Cameras have come a long way since your Uncle gave you the camera in the photo. Nice that he gave you a love of photography. I have a new camera for a year now and have yet to read the owners manual because it is such a big book that I look at it and just shake my head. I find it easier when someone just shows me how to use all the dials. It took me almost a year to figure out I could turn off the flash for better shots. Maybe I should read the book but I think not!