Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They Loved Their Snowstorm Jars!

My mom (aka the G-G-Ma) gave the little ones musical snowstorm jars for Christmas. There's a little button to push on each jar that makes the snow swirl round and round. The buttons also turn on (on off) Christmas carols. Elijah and Charlotte could handle the buttons all by themselves. All three babies LOVED this gift. They each opened them at the same time and were immediately mesmerized! The G-G-Ma (with a little help from her Maryland Elf) did it again!!


Debbie said...

Such a neat gift! Its hard to tell if Miss Penelope is more interested in the ornament or the globe. :)

Are you staying warm over there? They are predicting snow here tonight but I will believe it when I see it.

LDH said...

I love Snowstorm Jars too! They keep me mesmerized just like your little ones!

Hopemore Studio said...

That is such a sweet gift, I have no doubt they were mesmerized, I would be too.

Also, such a sweet post about how G-Ma became G-Ma. My kids also need that kind of clarification, so we have a couple names floating around.

kathy said...

How cute are these litttle ones -- and the snowglobes also -- Hope you are staying warm
it 's the freezin " season !! swap partener
Kathy - ga ♥