Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Monday Memories

One of the sweetest things about this blog is the opportunity it's given me to "meet" so many new friends and to gather so many new memories. I've met some of the very nicest women ~ and they have done the very nicest things!
Jacqueline of Once Upon a Fairyland sent me these clothespins that are perfect for displaying in my laundry room. I LOVE the little tiny white one with the green bird on it. I know it's a little strange ~ but I really like clothespins!

Another dear friend is Shelley. Her blog is called Shelley's Vintage Variety. Shelley recently sent me a box full of treasures. Books for the grandbabies, figurines, a cute little faceless doll baby ~ so many cute things.

The next two photos show my very favorite treasures ~ the adorable squirrel, handmade (by Shelley) dishclothes, a tiny cup and the sweetest little chickadee wall hanging.

Each time I look at the unexpected little blessings that I've received from my friends in the land of blog I smile ~ and I pray for them ~ and I thank the Lord for opening up this wonderful area of fellowship for me. New memories being created all the time!


Another fun part of having a blog is the chance to participate in swaps. Different bloggers host swaps (they're happening all the time) and I've been delighted to be a part of several of them. These are the Valentine treats I received from the one I was in most recently. This Valentine swap was with Kathy of Country Chintz and it was hosted by Linda (swap hostess extraordinaire) on one of her blogs, A Swap For All Seasons. She's taking sign ups for her newest swap "May Day Tussie Mussie Swap" beginning today through Feb 28th!

I love this pretty heart Kathy sent me ~ it's hanging in a window and it looks even prettier when the sunlight shines through it.

Look at all the wonderful things she sent me!

Kathy included all kinds of tags and images for me to use in my creating ~ isn't that little aged pillow pretty?!

A sweet piece of canvas wall art, a pretty silver heart, a candle, cookies & chocolate!

One of my favorites was this paper covered (match) box full of so many special things.

My very favorite gift ~ these cute little picks....perfect for on top of some yummy cupcakes!
"Do I click with you? You're my type."

Here's a look at a couple of the things I sent to Kathy. This was such a great swap ~ both the givin' and the gettin'!


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Marie, I've just sent you a private e-mail Please have a look :-)!
What a wonderful swap you've been in! So many beautiful goodies you have sent out and received. Enjoy your new treasures!
Hugs and love,

our shabby cottage said...

WOW! What wonderful treasures you have received. And the goodies you sent are beautiful. Lucky girls!

Hopemore Studio said...

Marie, Your mailbox has been busting at the seams with goodies!! I love that your blog friends have come to know you so well and that they even send thoughtful gifts with grandbabies in mind.

I wanted to say the items you made for the swap were just beautiful, I was so drawn to the decorated box with vintage images inside (is there a name for those boxes?) It looks lovely in pictures and I'm sure it's even more wonderful in person.