Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Event 2010

My house following the first two feet plus of snow ~ this was taken last Sunday. That's Mandy's Jeep before it broke down...twice...this past week.

The backyard last Saturday...while the snow was coming down.

More of the backyard ~ there's a picnic table, a grill, a bench, a trash can and a bird bath hiding out there.

Another peek at the yard.

Our front driveway last Saturday. The cone shape is one of my little evergreen trees near my front porch.

Another view of the yard ~ this time from the dining room looking out the patio doors. To the left, outside the door, is a small rug that I hung on the railing before the snow started. I forgot it was there.

Here the view from my laundry room ~ you exit and then go up two steps to the walkway. I shoveled this area yesterday so the "cable guy" could get to the cable on the other side of that fence.

More of the walkway out to our garage and back driveway. We live on a corner lot and having the two driveways was a real blessing. We didn't have to park any cars on the street.

We have an inground pool on the other side of that fence. I love how it looks in this photo. We leave the skimmer basket and pole hanging on the fence all year. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you'll see how the basket end filled with snow and made the pole go up in the air. Isn't the sky pretty!

Some more of the shoveling I did.

The corner intersection ~ I wish the snow had listened to that sign sooner rather than later!

Here's Mandy standing about six feet away from that STOP sign. Doesn't she look happy! : )

Moving away from my neighborhood ~ here's a photo I took of the peach orchard I drive through on my way to work each day. This was taken on Monday morning.

I love this photo ~ it makes me smile! This is the view out of the windows in our office. Some new townhouses are being built here.

This greeted me when I opened my front door on Tuesday morning ~ beautiful!

This was taken Tuesday night during the snow event part 2! I used the flash so the snow flakes would show up. It's right outside my patio doors.

During the windy afternoon last Wednesday.

Bill arriving home from work late Wednesday night. This is the Jeep running in between break-downs. What a blessing that it didn't break down while he was driving home!!

These last three are from mid-morning on Thursday. The snow event had ended and the sun was shining brightly. The first one is out my backdoor, the second is the front driveway and the third is looking out the front door at the sun rise!
It's a lot of snow and a big inconvenience ~ but it's so very beautiful!

Tomorrow I'd like to share several more photos of the beautiful snow!


LDH said...

Absolutely amazing amount of snow! Beautiful pictures!!!

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Marie~
Even though we have mounds of snow here too (David measured 32") I loved seeing all of your pictures. Your new camera does a great job! Loved the sky shots! About your pool....have you been ice skating? Practicing your olympic spins? We are going to Arizona on the 22nd for 5 days...looking forward to getting out of Dodge! xoxo
Thanks for being a special friend!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Marie!

Guess what!


I'm pretty sure I have your address here but just in case, you can email it to me at:

ipaintallday @ yahoo (dot) com



CosmoGirl Carla said...

Great pictures, Marie! This snow's been amazing, hasn't it? I love it, but I think I might be ready for spring. I should, at least, be getting more stuff done around the house!

Oh, don't know about you down your way, but we're supposed to get up to another 10 inches tomorrow into tomorrow night! Crazy!

Thanks for sharing!

our shabby cottage said...

Wow! These photos are incredible Marie. I can't imagine it here! It is so beautiful to look at.

Hopemore Studio said...

Marie, I am just blown away by the volume of snow, your pictures really give a good sense of what you guys are dealing with. I pray sun and warmth come your way soon to melt away the snow and send it back to the ocean.


GrammyGoo said...

Beautiful pictures Marie! Nice to have you back.
Blessings, Ella