Monday, March 15, 2010

Random Monday Memories

I watched Charlotte this weekend while her parents were away. She had a little bit of a cold so I tried to spend most of my time at her house because I knew she'd sleep and play better there. I figured I could use Katie's computer or watch television to amuse myself when she was sleeping. I probably should have just slept while she was ~ it's amazing how busy a 22 month can be ~ but I didn't. I actually typed this up while at her house ~ but it didn't take long. My neck has been bothering me a lot, and being on the computer isn't the best position for it, so I decided some magazines and TV would be the entertainment of choice.

However there really isn't anything on TV that I care to watch. I was thinking about what I used to watch when I was younger and one of those random memories" popped into my head.

Anyone remember The King Sisters or The King Family or The King Cousins. The King Family had their own TV show in 1965 -66. I loved watching it. You can visit their official website to read how it all started. Their home page has a letter sharing the news that Yvonne (lower right in the picture below) passed away in December of 2009. Sister Marilyn (lower center) is the only sister still alive.

The TV series included the whole family, right down to the King Kiddies. It was wholesome, funny and just plain entertaining. I loved when the King Cousins would sing in their outfits that had their names on them. I considered it a personal challenge to figure out who was married to who and which children belonged to which sister. Tina Cole (one of Yvonne's daughters) starred as Katie Douglas in My Three Sons ~ another show I loved to watch.
Life has changed so much ~ so of course TV has too! I guess it will have to be enough to be able to find bits and pieces of memories on the Internet (I am grateful for this change) and reminisce. Those really were the good old days.

The King Family in their first color TV special appearance.

For lots more King Family videos click here.


Just for fun ~ My Three Sons!


Tumbleweed Trails said...

Those were indeed the Good Old Days. How true it is things have changed so much. I miss the old programs and cartoons from "Back in the Day" when cartoons were cartoons and tv shows were wholesome, clean and funny. It seems I can very rarely find something I want to watch on tv these days. It's funny how you should mention all this. I am forever talking about how great (and better) things were "Back in the Day" and how I wish time could be turned back to the 1970's and earlier. lol

I hope Charlotte recovers from her cold soon. Yes, they sure are busy at that age.

GrammyGoo said...

I remember the King Sister/King Family.....
I was just telling my oldest Grand-daughter that when I was a kid, we only saw cartoons once a week on Saturday mornings.
Blessings, Ella

Jacqueline said...

The King Family I remember well. You and I were living out childhood exactly the same time. I was born in 1959 and you must be close to me between the King Family, Partridge Family, A little Bobby Sherman and the Friendly Giant...we know what were talking about! Here is a bit of trivia...Chip on My Three Sons is a second cousin by marriage of mine!

Scrap for Joy said...

Great stroll today Marie. I hadn't thought about the King Family forever...when I saw the little picture on my sidebar I thought it was the Lennon Sisters...that goes back even further I think. I loved My 3 Sons, too. I chuckled all through this post today!

Ann said...

I don't remember the kings but I do remember my three sons. TV sure has changed a lot since those days and not necessarily for the better.

Jenny said...

Sorry about your neck.

I hear ya on the TV thing!