Wednesday, April 28, 2010


"It’s like ginger-ale, but it’s not ginger-ale; it’s Vernors.
That’s the only way I can describe Vernors to someone who has never tasted it or who simply heard it’s name mentioned. Vernors has a unique taste that is impossible to describe. It tastes like a premium version of ginger-ale, but of a heavier consistency and richer flavor. While it’s impossible to find Vernor’s that tasted the way it did in metro-Detroit in the eighties and before, it is still always a treat to take that first sip. It’s impossible to be satisfied with only one glass for a Vernors aficionado. The refined taste beckons Vernors lovers back to the refrigerator for an additional glass or two. It’s dark golden color, darker than ginger-ale, adds to the mystique and the illusion of quality. Don’t call this ginger-ale because its beyond anything as passe’ as ginger-ale."
The Great Writer

I didn't write that Vernors description (follow the link to read more) but I did grow up in Michigan so I guess you could say I lived the description! Vernors is a family favorite. We have been known to "carry-on" 3 or 4 or 5 twelve packs of Vernors on flights home from visiting family in Michigan. We've also been known to spend time in airport restrooms drying off cans of Vernors after a couple cans leaked during the flight. Road trips to Michigan always included bringing home cases of Vernors ~ if the luggage didn't fit in the car we didn't mind. Just as long as we had our Vernors! As fun as it was to import our Vernors (from Michigan) we were all very happy to discover some on our local grocery shelves several years ago.

Because as I said ~ it's a family favorite!

No ~ we don't advocate giving soda to small children on a regular basis ~ but every once in a while we all deserve a really special treat!! As you can see Charlotte loves her Vernors through a straw.


RACHELLE said...

I HEAR YOU fellow MICHIGander!

can you believe that my mom asked for Vernors on the airplane in DETROIT 3 weeks ago....

and the stewardest said...


i thought she must have grown up under a rock....

but come to find out,,, lots of unlucky souls don't know what Vernors is.

And that is a darn shame, wouldnt you say?


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Awww, all the guys in the family LOVE Cream Soda. But apparently we haven't lived until we have tried Vernors. I'll put it on my bucket list. : )
Looooved your 'Lucketts' post. Thanks so much for taking all the pics so we could come along too.
Mary Lou

Katherine Thomas said...

First of all, that picture of Charlotte is precious! I'd like to draw that!
I enjoy reading about your day trips to fascinating out-of-the-way places! You're inspiring me to give that a try! How do you find out about the places that you visit?

Ruth said...

I'm another native Michigander! Now living in Northeast Tennessee and they actually have Vernors here!

No you can't explain that wonderful taste! It's just the best!!

Cheers! Ruth ;)

Shelley said...

Well,I have never heard of Vernors but,I will be searching the shelfs for one...doubt if I will find any down here in Texas though....your Charlotte is just beautiful....
I love your etsy purchases from your previous post...the quilt is just darling...I am going to check out that shop....blessings

Anonymous said...

Cute story, Marie! It's like Tasty Kakes and porkroll...If you're from NJ or the Philly area, folks know all about those! Yummy!

Received your envelope today! Thank you!! I will post pictures later of the lovely inserts you included. And the card has such a precious pen and ink drawing! I love it!

Thank you, Marie!

Ann said...

We have that in the grocery stores. Pennsylvania isn't too far off from Michigan though.
That picture of Charlotte is adorable. Love all those curls

LDH said...

I haven't heard of Vernors but it does sound good ~ if Charlotte recommends it, I wanna try it!