Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Monday Memories

Who: Me
What: Dancing
When: The Sixties
Where: Grade School

Fridays in Gym class ~ oh what fun! We learned to dance on Fridays. We also picked by one. Talk about trauma! Usually the boys picked ~ once a month the girls got to pick. Talk about drama! I did not look forward to Friday dance classes at all! It would have been better if partners were chosen by luck of the draw or something like that.
Choosing one by one was like being the last one picked for the baseball team. Actually it was worse ~ you didn't get picked for the ball team because you lacked ball playing skills. You didn't get picked to dance because you weren't cool! I wasn't cool. But I survived.
I also learned how to do the Polka. That was the very best part of the dreaded Friday dance class!

In the USA on May 3, 1939 the "Beer Barrel Polka" was recorded by The Andrews Sisters. The song, also known as "Roll Out the Barrel" became a popular standard during World War II and became a favorite of music lovers around the world.


Scrap for Joy said...

When I was in the 8th grade we ALL had to attend Jr. Cotillion...dancing classes. I don't remeber how we paired up (maybe not as traumatic as your cruel!) but I learned to Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha-Cha, Polka and Jitterbug. Some of those things I never forgot. I love to dance and it may actually explain why I like Dancing With the Stars (the only reality show I watch!) (I always wanted to own a chiffon dress like my big sister had but never happened! Wouldn't it be fun to twirl in chiffon?)

Anonymous said...

Marie, we never had dance classes in school, but I sure can remember that wallflower feeling. *sigh* I wasn't a dancer, still am not, nor was I athletic and still am not. Only girl stuff for me - sewing, etc.! LOL! But I didn't even have home ec. Took art instead. What else! LOL!

Have a great day!

Ann said...

I remember those dreaded dancing gym classes. I wasn't cool either. At least I survived it and will never have to do it again :)

Katherine Thomas said...

Ha! I have all those same memories! And my college marching band used to sing "Roll out the barrel" as a stand tune! (Dont ask me why)