Thursday, May 27, 2010

Something's spite of me!

I've mentioned several times that I don't have a green thumb ~ however this Clematis doesn't seem to care. It's growing! Woo Hoo!
And it's looking pretty good too!

I've been talking to it a lot this year and it's answering with beautiful blooms.
It makes me so happy!


Lululiz said...

Thats a lovely clematis, beautiful colour. Talking to the plant was obviously the right thing to do.

Ann said...

It's so pretty. Gotta love those plants that are forgiving of those of us who are garden challenged :) Whatever it is that you've been saying to the Clematis it obviously approved.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Your words must have been very encouraging for the clematis to bloom so beautifully, dear Marie!
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs to you,

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hi Marie!

Oh, your clematis is beautiful! I've been trying to grow one for years to climb up my clothesline pole, but I think Hubby keeps choppin' her down with the trimmer! Maybe I should start whispering sweet nothings to mine and it will thrive like yours!

Thanks for sharing.

LDH said...

It's spectacular!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

It is just beautiful ! You gotta love those amazing flowers that just keep coming back :)

Diva Kreszl said...

you've been holding out on us Marie, this is just stunning! whatever sweet nothings you are whispering to it must be working :)

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Love the color!!!!


Jo said...

Lookin good!

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The Feathered Nest said...

It's just gorgeous Marie!!!! I've seen this growing on a few mailboxes around here ~ just beautiful sweet friend, I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, hugs and love, Dawn

Rosa-kreattiva said...

un saluto dall'italia... che meraviglia