Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Joe's Jo

My daughter-in-law Johanna (aka Jo) has been making her own cards for the past couple years. She has a full-time 9- 5 job, then comes home to take care of Elijah, Joe and Azalea (their dog), but she still squeezes in time to make these cute little cards for family and friends.

This is the one she recently made for my other daughter-in-law, Jacqi.
I love this one ~ it's so sweet and simple.
You can see more of her cards (and Elijah of course!) on her blog


Diva Kreszl said...

just beautiful! I love getting homemade cards, they are always extra special...thanks for sharing her link, I'm going to pay a visit right now :)

Jackie said...

What heartache to drop your camera...makes you just want to boo hoo I'm sure!

Jacqi...is that the same as me Jackie? I like her cards and her right away...anyone close to my name has gotta be a good girl...groovy name for sure!

Anonymous said...

this is so sweet, you're right! i would love to get a handmade card rather than a 'commercially made one by hallmark, anyday!

going over to see her!

you should come by for some tea if you have the time today!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Ann said...

Just the name of the blog alone makes me want to run right over. Cute card and she sounds like one busy lady.

LDH said...

Very sweet, card Joe's Jo! :)

RACHELLE said...


It seems easy but it is not. i have tried to make cards before...mine look handmade...by a
kindergartener... :( lol



Scrap for Joy said...

I love handmade cards and especially ones with flowers. this is so simply sweet. Yikes-I was sorry to read about your camera. I'm sure you're frustrated about that and I hope it can be fixed..it sure took beautiful pictures!

Katherine Thomas said...

Hey, I just gave you a Beautiful Blog award! You can drag the icon from my sidebar if you want and put it on your blog! Hope you're having a good day!