Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our "Sister" Jo and her sister

On June 19th Katie, Mandy and I attended my daughter-in-law Johanna's dance recital. Her sister Rachael was also in the recital. They (along with several others) preformed a tap routine to a couple songs from Sister Act.  It was (in my un-biased opinion) the BEST number in the show!!
Here we are with the "Sisters" after the show.
From the left ~ Mandy, Katie, Johanna, me and Rachael.

Here'e a look at the number ~ enjoy!
Johanna is the one (at the beginning) on the right side with the white sash.


Katherine Thomas said...

That's so cool! Sister Act is one of my favorite movies! I would have loved to see this act in person! Oh my gosh, it was so good!

Linda K. said...

This was very entertaining and your girls are very good! Thanks for stopping by the giveaway.


Ann said...

That was fabulous. They did great