Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Good Old Summertime!

Some of my family went to "Annie's Playground" last Monday.  Elijah has been here before but it was a first for Charlotte.   I think their conversation in this photo goes something like this:
Elijah - "Well cuz, here it is!"
Charlotte - "Wow, this is amazing!"
I mean look at that body language! Can't you just hear them!

They had a marvelous time! We only stayed for about an hour because it was HOT!  But they got to swing....

And they played on the slides ~ there are a lot of slides!  This playground is near Elijah's house. It's about an hour from my house.  It was worth the ride ~ even in the heat.  We'll definitely go back again.

I know Penelope would love it there too!  She was sick when we went last Monday (she's better now) but she had some fun of her own the last two weeks of June.  She and her mommy went to visit her other grandmother in Florida.  Here she is on a beach in Pensacola.  Love the hat!

Penelope is keeping a close eye on the water ~ rumor has it that she wasn't too fond of the water or the sand.  She did enjoy sitting under the beach umbrella eating snacks though!

(Jacqi's mommy took these photos.)


Katie said...

I hadn't seen the ones of Penelope at the beach yet, so adorable. And Charlotte has the same dress!

our shabby cottage said...

Woah! I think any child would be excited looking at that park Marie! I wish they had parks like that when I was little!
Love the pics of Penelope at the beach.

Ann said...

Adorable photos. That looks like a fun little playground. I especially like the name of

LDH said...

Lots of summertime fun! Like Penelope, I'm not too fond of the beach either :)

Katherine Thomas said...

Promise you'll save these photos forever! They will be such precious memories, especially 10 and 20 years from now! I love Penelope!