Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Monday Memories

Summertime 1990
Here's my children on a family trip to Florida.
We were at Sea World.
I thought the penguin mural would make a nice background for a family photo.
I really wanted to capture the memory of the REALLY GREAT time all of us had on our visit.
How'd I do?
Kevin was loving every minute of Sea World!  Joe seems to be a bit puzzled and Katie seems very concerned about the (painted) penguins.  And Mandy ~ well as usual ~ she's just happy.  Sort of!

Family vacations are the best!!
Especially with the "I love this place" teenager.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Marie......! So glad you signed up for Jillayne's swap! It's going to be fun!!!!

Ann said...

First one on the left does not look like he's appreciating the whole family picture thing :) That did make for a nice backdrop.