Friday, July 2, 2010

What to do with my Dryer Sheets

I was browsing the internet last night ~ trying to come up with a cute idea for storing my dryer sheets (anyone have one?) ~ and I came upon this fun project.  It doesn't have anything to do with storing them but it is a great recycling idea!

Dryer softener sheet sachets! 
Aren't they cute?!
Wouldn't they be pretty made with tea-dyed dryer sheets and some vintage bits of lace?

I'd like to make some of these this weekend...we'll see what the weekend brings!

inspired at home

Speaking of making things, my granddaughter Charlotte recently did a little creating ~ with her Momma's help.  Click here to see what she made and how she made it.  It's "messy"! I love it!!



Hopemore Studio said...

What a great idea. Who knew dryer sheets were so versatile, especially after they are used to make our laundry static free!

Love Charlotte's artwork, please let her know I agree with her 100 percent. (and that she used my favorite colors)

Jackie said...

It's always an interesting thought provoking time when coming to visit you. From clothespins to dryer sheets to art and look what Joyce got for you...Wow what gift. Women are just amazing and you are one of my all time favorite.
Come and meet my dear Aunt Hattie who just bought a Hut on Funkyjunk Lane...lets play!

Ann said...

That is a really cool idea for dryer sheets. Charlotte's piece of artwork is fabulous and it looks like she had a great time making it too.