Monday, August 16, 2010

Where This Blogger Will Be Creating!!

Remember THIS?  Well guess what?


My room is DONE!! 
Well, 99.9% done!!  I still need to decide on some lighting and Bill is going to paint and put shelves in the closet.  Otherwise everything is sorted out and organized.  I know where everything is!!  Bill bought a new TV for my craft room, I love it!!  Thank you, thank you Bill!!!
The room is wonderful ~ as I type this I'm sitting at my desk just gazing around it. I can't believe it's finally done and it's ALL MINE!  Wall to wall furniture and wall to wall fun!
Click on photos to enlarge twice to make them really big!!

Here's a look at it ~ starting at the "Fairy Tales Do Come True" door and moving clockwise around my 9 x 11 foot space.  I packed it full!

I love the little red & white chair.  There really isn't room for it in here ~ but I squeezed it in anyway!

Look at all my sweet treasures. So many of them are things from my friends in blogland. 

I love RED!  So I had to make sure there was some in this room.  I love my little red wagon and the bubble gum machine ~ it has Christmas buttons in it now.

Here's the closet that still needs some work ~ I'm looking forward to having some shelves in it.  It will be the perfect place for my fabric, lace and old quilts & chenille bedspreads.

This shelf unit has my paper art supplies on it, plus my sewing box (the unfinished wood piece with the drawers) and some of my magazines. It looks so neat and tidy ~ I wonder how long that will last!
This brings us back to the door of my........Craft Room!
Remember my post about naming this space?  It was a craft room before, and all during the remodeling it was craft room in my mind. So I decided that was it's name is.   
My Craft Room. 
My fairy tale come true!


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful, Marie! So...are you taking a week's vacation to get in there and get to playing??!! ;-)

Hugs! Diane

LDH said...

It is a dream come true and just perfect! What a wonderful place and I can only imagine what amazing things you will be creating here.

Jessabells said...

Well Marie, I am impressed and a little jealous. Great craft room you have there. I love all your little knick knacks. Your shelving is nice and organized. I can only wish to be so organized.

Have a great week.


Rhea Sunshine :) said...

How beautiful! Every crafter should have her own Craft Room; congratulations and happy creating! :)

Joe said...

Hey Mom, I have decided to "come home". I am going to need my old room back! :)

Shelley said...

It is wonderful Marie...I know you went to so much work to get it to where it is...beautiful....may you be blessed with much creativity and enjoyment in your special place.....I am back home from my trip to visit my was wonderful but,I am so tired ...blessings on your week....I saw those little choir children I sent you ...they look so happy in your room.

Ann said...

It looks fantastic Marie. How wonderful to have it finally finished. Now the hard part is deciding what you'll create first in your lovely new craft room

~Patricia said...

YAY!!! Your craft room looks terrific! Can't wait to see it in person!


The Feathered Nest said...

I just LOVE IT Marie!!!! Ohmygoodness...I want to visit and poke around! I love it when the room is FULL....full of goodness ~ It's a perfect craft room angel, congratulations!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Scrap for Joy said...

My talented friend~
Where do I even start? I came here Monday (ran actually when I saw the post title!) and started to read and look at the pictures but I had a bunch of commitments on Monday and Tuesday and didn't get back to it til yesterday and I wanted time to write about how WONDERFULLY you've transformed this space!!! Every corner has your special touch...I see you in the shakers of glitter, the inspiration board, all of the touches of red, the primitive pieces....all things that you've written about that you love. It IS Marie's Craft Room. Don't you just love to go in and sit and look around? When you were gathering stuff to organize, weren't you amazed to come across things you had forgotten you had? (or was that just me???) I loved clicking on each picture and take in the details. I did see some familiar pieces (*wink*) which made my heart some day I hope to see the room in person. We could have such a good time together, don't you think? I love it and I know you do is tailor made for you!
Wishing you many hours of joy in your fab space!
Love and hugs!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Marie, Congratulations on your finished craft room! It's such a great place to play! You have so many cool shelfs, containers and drawers. I love the ones on your desk and the little shelf on the wall bracket beside your desk. Then there is this aqua colored shelf with all the small compartments. That's gorgeous too! I could go on and on ... :-)
Have a lot of fun creating!