Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2nd Post Today - Fun Announcement

My daughter Katie is having her first giveaway!  36 feet of handmade bunting (pennants, flags, whatever you want to call it!)  She made it for Charlotte's birthday party and she's giving away half of it!  It looks pretty cute fluttering in the breeze.  You can enter her GIVEAWAY HERE until midnight EST on Sunday Oct 3rd.
Tell her that her Mom said Hi!


Ann said...

:) just left her a comment and told her you said hi

Libbie said...

Hi Marie! How are you! It has been WAYYYY too long since I have swung by for a visit! i was a terrible summer blogger & now I feel like I am just getting back into it! How did your summer go? I will have to peek down & find out!

Super cute swap stuff! I love that little happy spider! Kate would be drooling after peeking at all the goodies! She is a matchbox queen! She is always using them to whip up something cute!

Thanks for the bunting tip! I will have to pop over there! I love that stuff & hers is SUPER ADORABLE!!! I am too scared to try to make it myself! I need more practice on a machine!!!

Hope you are having a great week!