Monday, September 20, 2010

Note To Self

I've been struggling with getting back into a consistent, daily routine of reading the Bible.  
A friend suggested that I choose a (short) book in the Bible and read it every day for a month.  I chose Philippians for the month of September. 
It's becoming a habit and even my old brain is starting to absorb what I'm reading each day!


Ann said...

Your friend had a great suggestion. Have a great day

Shelley said...

I always find my day is so much better when I take time for prayer and reading God's word...blessings on your week....

LDH said...

A common struggle... so hard to remain disciplined. I like your friends suggestion. Maybe I will turn to Philippians tomorrow morning :)

Barbara Jean said...

great idea! I need to get back at it myself.
Always our loss when we neglect His word.

hugs and blessings

barbara jean