Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy Grandbabies


Looking In The Mirror

Reading A Book


Tracy Suzanne said...

Marie, they're just cutie patooties! I want to squeeze all three. You're so blessed!

Love...Tracy :)

Sheila said...

They are such darling little ones, with kissable cheeks and beautiful eyes!!! Love it when you share sweet pictures of them.
Blessings for a wonderful day~

Ann said...

They are so sweet. Now I have to wonder was your grandson actually writing your post today for you :)
Love the mirror picture, that is so cute.

Anonymous said...

And I'll just bet that your little guy knows more about computers than you do already! ;-)

Jillayne said...

They look like a barrell of fun! You must have such a great time with them - I love a little girl that likes her dolls. Sometimes we think kids today aren't interested in such things, but they really are. They are darling!