Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family Fun!!

Last Saturday we headed to Weber's Farm for some family fun ~ everyone was able to go except for Kevin. (we missed you Kevin!)  Love it when the family is (almost) all together.  Here's Elijah, Charlotte and Penelope all buckled up and ready to go! 

The mini hay-bale maze was a hit with all three of them.

Pictures of our pumpkins with the pumpkins was a must of course.

We missed getting Charlotte's "pumpkin" picture because she got side-tracked by some ducks.

She was soon joined by her cousins ~ and a curly headed little stranger. 
But he fit right in ~ don't you think!!?

Then it was time for a ride in one of the wagons...pulled by a tractor.  But the best part was Momma/Aunt Katie rode with them!

Super Grandpa and Grandpa enjoyed watching all the fun.

 The "slide" was a bunch of fun!

Then it was time for the tractor/hay-ride.  Everyone enjoyed this bit of relaxation!  It was nice to have a little down time.  I know the "older" folks enjoyed sitting for a spell.

Well, maybe everyone didn't enjoy it.
I guess Charlotte was a little bored.

Next stop was the market. 
There was a lot of interest in the cauliflower.

A lot!  We bought three!

The pumpkins and the Halloween decorations were a big hit too.

Here's Joe checking out the "cute witch"!  : )

We headed to Red Robin for a late lunch. 
Everyone was hungry by this time!

Balloons for everyone marked the end of our fun family outing.

It was a VERY good day!!


Hopemore Studio said...

Marie, It was a good day! The weather looks fabulous and the kids look busy. Poor Charlotte though, I think you wore her out, that face is precious.

Your family is beautiful and yes it is a joy to get them all together. I'm glad you almost got them all.

Darn shame it's so late at night.. a never-ending basket of fries from Red Robin sounds really yummy right now.


Ann said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun. I love Charlottes bored look just too cute. I can't believe the size of those cauliflower, they're huge. Now I'm hungry for some :)

LDH said...

A perfect autumn day for you and your family! These are the kind of days that make lifetime memories. Precious little ones having so much fun. The adults look very happy too! And your daughters look so much alike! What is the age difference? They could be twins :)

Such a joy seeing these photos, Marie!

Scrap for Joy said...

I so enjoyed going along with you on your (pictorial) trip to Webers. It looks like you all had a rollicking fun time and the weather was beautiful. I hopped over to Katie's to see her pictures, too. that Charlotte-she always makes me laugh...she has the most expressive face! You will have so many stories to tell in a few weeks....I'll be waiting!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Such a perfect day!

I love how you call the great grand dad Super Grandpa...We may have to steal that idea! :)

By the way..I love how your Christmas match boxes turned out!!!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Talk about a perfect day. I LOVED all the pics. The top one of all three (in their car seats) as a mosaic is adorable. : )