Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Babies & Matchbox #8

I love this shot!  Charlotte, Penelope and Elijah are watching a Mickey Mouse Christmas show.  I babysat for all three on Saturday.  I gave them their Christmas Tee shirts, then we did a little photo shoot, ate some lunch, played with every toy in the house and then watched the TV show.  The little girls kept these expressions on their faces for about 20 minutes ~ Elijah had about 20 different expressions in the same period of time!
I Love Watching Then!

Matchbox #8

Polka dot covered matchbox #8 comes from Sophia at Blue Chair Diary.  I love Chrismas polka dots and the tiny little lightbulb looks perfect.  Day #8's gift is a paperclip and a very nice one at that!  Thanks Sophia!Click on the Swap For All Seasons buttom in my sidebar if you'd like to see other wonderful matchboxes!



Scrap for Joy said...

I am enjoying seeing everyone's matchboxes...this was a really ambitious project for Linda to organize and mail out. All of them are so cute. The kid's picture is so the TV stare! I'm starting to dig out from under here...back to blogging soon I hope. Did you get my email?

Shelley said...

Love that little match box....your babies are really growing....they are just precious....blessings dear Marie.

Ann said...

Look at those little faces they just make me smile and the big grin on Elijah's face says he was really enjoying that show.
That's a really cute matchbox. I like the simplicity of it and yet it's totally adorable..